This week, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) –soon to be Citizen Portman– stops by to discuss impeachment, working with the Biden administration (or not as the case may be), his plans for the future, why he decided to throw in the towel in terms of the Senate, and yes, how this year’s popcorn crop is looking at his farm in Ohio. Also, Rob Long is going on safari (really!), Peter Robinson is looking forward to a Rocky Mountain High, and James Lileks wants to go on a cruise, thanks to Rushbabe49’s Lileks’ Post of The Week winning missive (yes, it’s back).

Music from this week’s show: Stand On It by Bruce Springsteen

No, we did not book Rand Paul on this supersized edition of The Big Show (90 minutes of clever and civil conversation!), we booked Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) to discuss the stimulus packages (speaking of super-sized), the federal ¬†government’s response to the crisis, and a boots-on-ground report from Ohio. And our good friend and go to authority on all things medical, Dr. George Savage checks up on us and gives an update on the models (no, not those kind of models), the research, and whether sheltering at home and shutting down the economy is actually working. This week’s Lileks Post of The Week (we’ll get that jingle timed correctly one of these days — promise) asks us not to mock Joe Biden (eh, maybe…), and Rob Long saunters around a deserted Manhattan and has some thoughts.

Music from this week’s show: Taking A Walk by John Prine

This week, Byron sits down with Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). First up: ¬†what kind of deal could break the Trump-Pelosi impasse? Plus: With the 2020 race underway, is Ohio still the nation’s key swing state? (Hint: Maybe not.) And: having voted for Mike Pence for president–yes, president–in 2016, will he vote to re-elect President Trump?