Steve actually turned up for this week’s show with three different whiskys in hand (Finlaggan, Lagavulin 8, and Bunnahabhain 12—in other words, Islay All the Way!), along with a sampling of the worst-reviewed whiskys ever, though these reviews pale in comparison to the reviews this episode’s panel gives to Democrats just now.

Historian Richard Samuelson joined Steve and Lucretia for this week’s show—which was recorded on Veterans Day with alive audience on Zoom, a day earlier than normal—to go over an all new, 21st Century Democratic Misery Index, the most outrageous part of the farcical “infrastructure week,” the strange reactions to the news of the founding of the University of Austin, and the new malicious deceptions of the New York Times‘ 1619 Project.

We also range over the strange news that some dunderheads in Britain actually think it is news that John Locke read Thomas Hobbes, the Rittenhouse trial, Kamala in Paris, and at the last, the results of a viewer poll intended to settle the Steve-Lucretia feud about peaty whisky, where Steve’s peat bombs narrowly edged Lucretia’s Highland style by less than 2 percent. But there are allegations of voting irregularities, so there may need to be a recount.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to fix up the usual online recording session for this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour, and attempted to assemble in person ahead of the Claremont Institute’s annual dinner at Huntington Beach, this year with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who was terrific, by the way). But we were outside, with not enough time to get organized—and without any whisky!—and the result was a bit of a train wreck. But at least it’s short! (As I used to say when I still showed up for road races in my dotage, “I may be old and fat, but I’m slow! My strategy is to start of slow, and tail off from there.” Well we kind of live up to that here.)

Our irregular sidekick Richard Samuelson joined us, and then halfway through Jeremy Carl wandered by, so we made him sit down and join us with no preparation. We tried to cover Last Week in Wokeness and a few other things, but I’m not sure we really got anywhere.  But we got so many emails from disappointed listeners than we decided to throw this episode up (literally) and let you decide.

We’re a day late with this week’s episode because Lucretia and Steve had the opportunity to catch up live with the Pacific Research Institute’s education expert extraordinaire Lance Izumi in San Francisco, to talk about what’s going on in the world of K-12. Lance is the author of the forthcoming book entitled The Homeschool Boom, but also helpfully fills us in on the backstory of how Japanese whisky originated and came to take its place as a rival to the finest Scottish whisky. And we also get some confessions about his unlimited collection of minor league baseball team uniforms (yes, including even the Toledo Mud Hens). This is only fitting for the person whose unofficial PRI title is the Gilbert & Sullivan Fellow in Sartorial Splendor. (Look up his Facebook page photos if you doubt us.)

Among the news items we review about why home schooling is going to continue growing rapidly is Gov. Newsom’s mandate that all school children will need to be vaccinated to attend public and private schools. There are reports that inquiries to home schooling websites from California parents have soared in the three days since this announcement, and 160,000 students have already de-enrolled from the public schools in California since COVID began. We also contemplate how Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe let the progressive mask slip when he blurted out that parents shouldn’t have any influence on what is taught in public schools. Nothing shouts contempt for self-government in the most important matters than telling parents, “shut up.”

We’re a day late because of travel problems, and Steve is working on a backup computer because he left his laptop behind at his office on Friday, but this allowed us finally to book historian Richard Samuelson to join the happy hour to talk about . . . history. Specifically, what the hell has happened to history? It’s not just that the academic field has gone left like everything else; it has become narrow, mediocre, and . . . boring. Richard breaks it all down for us, with some cheers and side rants from Steve and Lucretia.

From there we do a deep dive into the Arizona election audit, and kick around the two big stories of the end of the week: the revelation, in the New York Times of all unexpected places, that the FBI had an informant inside the Proud Boys on January 6, and the revelation that the Biden Administration admitted 12,000 Haitians from under the Del Rio Bridge scene. It is extremely unlikely than any of this number were properly processed.