The latest of Richard Brookhiser’s many excellent and useful books is “Give Me Liberty: A History of America’s Exceptional Idea.” What can Americans rally around, diverse as we are? Liberty. What is the wellspring of these United States? Liberty. In this “Q&A,” Brookhiser touches on the Founding, Gettysburg, Seneca Falls, and more. Rick Brookhiser has the gift of understanding, and the gift of communicating it to others – in writing and, as you’ll hear, by the spoken word.

Returning to “Q&A” is Richard Brookhiser, the historian and journalist – Jay’s colleague at National Review. Brookhiser’s latest book is “John Marshall: The Man Who Made the Supreme Court.” Jay talks with Brookhiser about the man and the Court. What was Marshall like? What about his education? (Any, of a formal nature?) What about his slaveholding? What about his relationship with Jefferson? Further questions are, Is the Supreme Court a “co-equal branch”? A “political” branch? What’s a conservative justice, and what’s a liberal justice? Who are your favorite justices? Has the Supreme Court become all too important? Aren’t these battles over nominations crazy-nuts?

Rick Brookhiser is as about as informed, judicious, and articulate as you can find.

When it comes to guns, it seems doubtful. Mona and Jay talk discourse, extremism, and the seeming elusiveness of serious policy discussion.

The podcast begins with the redoubtable Richard Brookhiser, historian and NR senior editor, who reflects on Trump’s influence on conservatism, dirty tricks in politics, and much more.

Richard Brookhiser is a journalist and historian — the author of many books about the Founders. His latest book is Founders’ Son, about Abraham Lincoln and his relation to the founding generation.

Brookhiser is also Jay’s fellow senior editor at National Review — and, in this podcast, they cover a lot of ground.