While Peter’s venturing about the real America, James is vacationing between the Hudson and East rivers so he can meet up with his pal Rob–and, more importantly!–fellow Ricochet members for our first pub crawl! We hope you won’t miss it; but don’t worry, we’ve got more events to come. (There’s even a surprise announcement for our next one herein!)

First up is a man who needs no introduction. The indispensable Byron York is here to give us an up-close take on the blamey Biden administration, and how the Dobbs leak might change the political playing field. He’s followed by Rich Goldberg, who’s been keeping track of the world of cryptocurrency since before it became as chaotic as it has recently.

We jet eastward and then into the ether this week, unfortunately without our pal James Lileks who’s vacationing somewhere on planet Earth. Our first guide is Elbridge Colby, who explains why we better not sleep on the Pacific theater. Then we’ve got Rich Goldberg, host of our new podcast: Cryptonite. He’s here to tell us that even a smart person like you can wrap your head around cryptocurrency.

The founders get a chance to talk about Ukraine… and that’s about it. They had too much fun with our guests and, let’s face it, Tuesday’s State of the Union address wasn’t very memorable.