Host Joe Selvaggi talks with Bloomberg Opinion writer and National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru about the national zeitgeist in a post-Covid, post-President Trump future.


Martin Luther kicked off the Protestant Reformation with his immortal words, “here I stand; I can do no other.”  President Trump earns praise and scorn for his similar attitude, and as a result has forced conservatives and Republicans to rethink their orthodoxies. Is a conservative reformation at hand? Noted author Yuval Levin joins the Horse Race to expand on that question, while columnist Ramesh Ponnuru explores how Trump is handling the pandemic. We also look at important primary battles between would-be reformers and establishment figures with National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar. All this and the Ad of the Week, too! Only at the Horse Race.

But taxes first. National Review’s Ramesh Ponnuru joins to provide his perspicacious insights on all things tax related, including a rebuttal to the WSJ arguments about the child tax credit.

Jay and Mona then consider whether Trump’s style will harm the Republican Party, and how well populism is faring. They also discuss the hypocrisy of both right and left regarding sex scandals and sexual harassment.

Are minorities leaving the G.O.P. or are are white voters in general just going the way of the Dodo bird? That’s the question we ponder (Rob Long ponders it at a chi chi bar in Manhattan as you’ll hear). The we chat about the debate with Ramesh Ponnuru and about Tim Kaine’s weird position on abortion rights. Later, Jim Geraghty, the Morning Jolt newsletter author (and host of the Three Martini Lunch podcast), joins to discuss the N.F.L.’s sinking ratings and whether they have to do with the injection of politics into the game. Also, the state of the Presidential race, the fight for Congress, and courtesy of Ricochet member @rushbabe49, our podcasters reveal their happiest memory. Spoiler alert: one isn’t very happy.

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Jay and Mona are actually in the same place for this edition of Need to Know — on a boat on the Danube courtesy of National Review. With the river (which is not blue) as backdrop, they discuss travel, and the state of things in the post-Trump inevitability world. NR senior editor Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 5.33.57 PMRamesh Ponnuru joins to discuss whether the people are to blame, how and whether to reform the primary system, and whether conservatism was rejected. Jay announces that he has left the Republican Party. Mona is unusually indecisive. Even Ramesh (unlike the river) is a bit blue.