The Democratic race is heating up as Biden, Bernie, and Bloomberg start to start to jump out from the pack going into Super Tuesday. We look at the biggest states voting that day, California and Texas, with iconic Democratic strategist Bob Shrum and Houston Chronicle columnist Erica Grieder; take in a view from flyover country with political reporter Salena Zito; and talk Trump with EPPC Senior Fellow and New York Times columnist Pete Wehner. All this and the ad of the week, only on The Horse Race!

Jay is away this week. Charlie Sykes and Peter Wehner join Mona to evaluate the impact of the Comey hearings and discuss the broader questions facing conservatives in the age of Trump.

Music: Brahms. Variations on a theme by Paganini

The Catholics say hope is a theological virtue, and while none of the four participants in a special Need to Know is Catholic, all are upholding it this week.

Peter Wehner joined first, Wednesday morning, for reflections on the challenge to conservatives of a Trump presidency. On Thursday, Jay and Mona welcomed David French. They talk Supreme Court, Obamacare, and then, inevitably, foreign policy and character. It’s a bizarre stew, cooked up by history.