It’s been a while since Dave sat down for a chat with Pat Sajak, so the two of them got caught up as Pat was kind enough to share some insights from his years in the broadcast business. The conversation takes us from Vietnam to Pat’s days on radio and television in Nashville before Pat provides some perspective on current trends in broadcasting. It’s a fascinating conversation with one of today’s most iconic television personalities. Dave is also joined by Sydney J. Michaels, and a character from their radio show resurfaces for the first in in over 22 years to add a special element of lunacy. Dave described this as an exceptional show, and we think you’ll agree.

“It’s time for the Ricochet Poooodcaaaast!” If only we had Vin Scully to announce that the epic way he did earlier this week at Game 2 of The World Series.  But this podcast ain’t too shabby either: leading off we’ve got the great Mollie Hemingway on that whole dossier controversy and batting cleanup, it’s power-hitter Pat Sajak on the greatest game, this series,  and why baseball will always be the America’s pastime. Batter up!

Music from this week’s podcast: My Blue Heaven by Fats Domino

On the Ricochet Podcast, we go to great lengths to provide breadth and depth in covering the news of the day. Where else can you hear incisive legal analysis from John Yoo and great social commentary and levity from Pat Sajak? Nowhere else, that’s for sure. We give some free legal advice to those in need, talk about walls (those that were torn down and those yet to be built), and school Peter Robinson on 20th Century culture he somehow missed. Also, a preview of next week’s Reagan Library event featuring Pat and Peter. Don’t miss it.

Music from this week’s podcast: Don’t Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra

Our own Dave Carter sat down with our own Pat Sajak for a relaxing conversation that covered everything from Pat’s experiences working on a truck dock as a young man, to the military experiences of Pat and Dave (along with the veterans in their families).  Before long, their chat veered into Wheel of Fortune territory and what the show has come to mean to so many people, along with the impact the many contestants have had on Pat personally.  Before the conversation concluded, both gentlemen sounded as if they were philosophizing while sitting on their rocking chairs on the front porch!  We think you’ll really enjoy the conversation.

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Yep, it’s our last show of 2016, and we go out with a tune — several of them, actually. Our guest is our good friend Pat Sajak, and along with the returning @RobLong, we end the year with a look back at the big stories (yes, there were a few), and some of our favorite Christmas tunes. What are yours? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks for listening to us this year — it was our biggest year ever in terms of downloads. We very much appreciate it and look forward to serenading your ears in 2017.

A little more than 6 years ago on a rainy day in the back room of a bungalow in Venice, California, we recorded the first Ricochet Podcast on an old school MacBook. The cast has changed slightly since then, but through one and a half Presidential cycles, two mid-terms, countless culture wars, good guests, bad guests, Skype glitches, and even bad weather, we have persevered. So it’s with great pleasure that we bring you this, our 300th show with guests Harry Shearer and Pat Sajak. We won’t delve into the topics here, but rest assured, they are widely entertaining and diverse.

Thanks to all you, our loyal listeners who tune in each, and thanks to our sponsors, who help keep the lights on. On to #301!