Has social justice become unjust? Carol is joined by Noah Rothman, The associate editor of Commentary, a contributor to MSNBC/NBC News, and the author of Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America to talk about how the quest to make things better for some has only made things worse and what we can do about it.

This week on the Big Show, we start in frigid Minnesota, home of one James Lileks, who describes life in a Polar Vortex for those of us who live in more temperate climes. Then, we’re off to the swamps of Jersey for a visit from Commentary’s Noah Rothman to talk about his fascinating new book Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America. Then, it’s off to Venezuela where Annika Rothstein is on the ground in Caracas reporting on the collapse of a revolution. Finally, we end up back in the good old U.S. of A for some Super Bowl picks from the hosts. Who ya got?

Music from this week’s podcast: Not as Much as Football by Mojo Nixon

This week on the Big Show®, we’ve got former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul (pre-order his new book From Cold War to Hot Peace: An American Ambassador in Putin’s Russia) on the new warming relations with North Korea, what to do about Syria, and yes, that pesky President Putin. Then Commentary’s associate editor Noah Rothman (yes, he’s one of the stars of the world famous Commentary Podcast) stops by to talk about Starbucks, Paul Ryan, and the diminishing chances of a Democratic wave this fall. Also, we remember First Lady Barbara Bush.

Music from this week’s podcast: Waiting On a Friend by The Rolling Stones

Matt Lauer makes a naughty, becomes the latest liberal fired from his media gig.

How I gave Liz Warren the nickname “Fauxcahontas” and why she deserves it.

It’s hurricanes and earthquakes and Bannon—oh, my!

Why Betsy DeVos is right to fight the “campus rape culture” kooks over Title IX.

Where are you on the Trump spectrum? Are you a Trump supporter with him from the start? Are you a Trump skeptic, willing to give him credit when it is due but not afraid to criticize? Or are you pro-Trump and more bound to defend him when criticized? Jay and Neal welcome Noah Rothman of Commentary Magazine to discuss these factions and also his current piece, How to Be a Conservative in the Age of Trump. The guys discuss all of that as well as the critical question of whether Seinfeld is overrated or not.

noah-rothmanWith Neal Dewing taking a break, host Jay Caruso is flying solo but will still have great guests. This week Noah Rothman from Commentary joined Jay to talk about the Trump Transition.

They have an overall take on things thus far, then get into cabinet picks such as James Mattis, Nikki Haley, as well as administrative picks Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon. They also discussed the Democrats, and how they’re repeating behavior that they screamed about when Barack Obama was first elected.

Jay has a little therapy session with Noah Rothman of Commentary magazine, one of his favorite analysts and writers. They talk about Trump and Hillary, of course – especially the former. And Russia, NATO, and Saddam. And the alt-Right. And the media.

In other words, issues of the hour (and some past hours, and some future ones). After the conversation, Jay said, in so many words, “Thanks, I needed that.” You may like it too.