Over six million prime-age men are neither working nor looking for work; America’s low unemployment rate hides the fact that many men have dropped out of the workforce altogether. Our workforce participation rate is on par with that seen during the Great Depression.

Why does this problem affect men so acutely? Why is it so specific to America? What are these missing men doing with their time? How do we differentiate between leisure and idleness? Demographer and economist Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute discusses these trends and what they mean for America’s future.

As promised our old friend David Limbaugh returns to the podcast to rant a bit and maybe pitch a few books on the side. We talk open borders and Martha’s Vineyard and then cover his latest volume, The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament, which he wrote with his daughter, Christen Limbaugh Bloom.

We also welcome in American Enterprise Institute scholar Nicholas Eberstadt (fresh from his appearance on Uncommon Knowledge) about his new book Men Without Work: Post-Pandemic EditionThey also talk about pessimism and young people afraid of their own shadows.

This week, we go deep on North Korea with AEI’s Nicholas Eberstadt and Salena Zito tells us not to break out the surf boards quite yet — that blue wave may not be so big after all. Also, Rudy can’t fail and Peter Robinson gets schooled on Kanye. Yo.

Music from this week’s podcast: Rudi Can’t Fail by The Clash

Another busy week with plenty to talk about so we’ve enlisted one of the best talkers we know to sit in the Rob Long Chair® for this week’s show: Commentary Magazine Editor (and GLoP podcast co-host) John Podhoretz. Our guest is Nicholas Eberstadt, who piece “Our Miserable 21st Century” in the latest issue of Commentary is a must read. Also, a critique of Trump’s first State of The Union address from two former White House speechwriters, John opines about the latest rash of anti-Semitic incidents, and was La La Land robbed? A Ricochet Podcast investigation.

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