We’re late –really late– so we’re going to make this brief: we’ve got our old friend Mickey Kaus to talk about Biden’s immigration policy, California politics, and other assorted ephemera, and we’ve got Mary Eberstadt on her book Primal Screams:How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity PoliticsWe also punditize (yes, we just invented that word) Biden’s press conference, and debate what city would be better to move to: San Francisco or New York.  Finally, what does “Zoom, Duck, Milkshake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch” mean? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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The Big Show is back on the interwebs for another year of civil and clever conversation. Kicking off 2019 with us (sadly, Rob is off this week), are two old pals: Mickey Kaus and Byron York. The latter on the shut down, the new Congress and Byron’s new podcast (coming next week!). Mickey, aka “America’s Most Unusual Democrat” stops by to explain The Wall and whether or not any of it, some of it, or all of it will be built. Also, The Tucker Carlson Manifesto, and some predictions for the coming year.

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In this bonus episode, Ricochet founder Rob Long leads a discussion between Ann Coulter and Mickey Kaus hosted by the Columbia University College Republicans. The event took place on March 27, 2018. Listener beware: There’s some explicit language.


Yes, we discuss that phrase, but no, we don’t say the word. Instead, we do a deep dive on immigration with two of the sharpest minds on the issue: the Center for Immigration Studies’s Mark Krikorian and our good pal Mickey Kaus. Dig in.

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Whenever immigration rises to the top of the national agenda, we like to call on the best guys we know on the  topic, Mickey Kaus and Mark Krikorian. We do a deep dive into the Dreamers, DACA, and The Wall. Also, that deal with Chuck and Nancy, Rob defends Betsy DeVos, and James remembers a dog named Scout.

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So what’s the deal with DACA? We’ve got all the details, including a take from the Left on why dumping DACA is the right move.

Holy Crap, have you seen the size of that thing? Weather guru extraordinaire Big Joe Bastardi has a quick update on Irma.

This week, our good pal Larry Kudlow sits in for the making-tv-great-again Rob Long. We’ve also got Henry Olsen, author of The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue-Collar Conservatism who tell us what why Reagan’s greatest influence may have been Franklin Roosevelt, how The Great Communicator would’ve come down on the health care debate, and supposes who would have won in a Trump-Reagan electoral contest. Later, Mr. Immigration Mickey Kaus stops by to school us on why the Emma Lazarus poem isn’t policy and what the media gets wrong over and over about this contentious issue. We also talk about the good economic news, and the tight ship John Kelly is running at the White House.

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When we want measured, calm commentary on the current political climate on the right, we always turn to the weirdest Democrat we know — our old pal Mickey Kaus. He helps us navigate Trump’s phone calls, the mysterious Steve Bannon, the wall, and assorted other unique aspects of the first weeks of the Trump administration. Then, Hoover’s Adam J. White joins to help us analyze Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. Finally, a few thoughts on 1934-ism and yes, Super Bowl picks!

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This week, we present a super-sized edition of the Ricochet Podcast (75 minutes plus of thoughtful jabbering!) where within, we attempt to answer a few burning questions: First, is Peter Robinson in the tank for Trump? Rob Long and James Lileks investigate.

Then, Tevi Troy stops by to opine on his recent Politico piece, How GOP Intellectuals’ Feud With the Base Is Remaking U.S. Politics. Then, our old pal Mickey Kaus (aka The World’s Most Unlikely Trump Supporter) joins to take a victory lap. Why? Because he’s been saying for years that immigration would be a make or break issue for Republicans and he was right. But how does a liberal Democrat square his support for The Donald. You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Political strategist Mike Murphy makes a long overdue return to the Ricochet Podcast to discuss what really happened in the Cantor-Brat race. Was it immigration or is all politics local? Our old friend Mickey Kaus has a point of view on that, and he joins to give his boots-on-the-ground analysis of what happened in VA-7. Spoiler alert: he and Mike disagree — but in a very entertaining and knowledgable way. Finally, the answer is “This Ricochet editor is currently the reigning champion on Jeopardy.” Remember to give your answer in the form of a question.

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