The coverage surrounding COVID-19 is mostly pundits, politicians, and policy wonks yelling at each other. If you want to end the lockdown, they say you want old people to die. If you want to extend the lockdown, they say you want to destroy the economy. This leaves out the rest of us: that vast majority of everyday people who want to protect our physical health along with our economic health. Teachers, nurses, small business owners, and parents from coast to coast are being ignored. And we want to give all of you a voice.

In this symposium hosted by Bethany Mandel and Jon Gabriel we hear from Ricochet members across the country (and even in South Korea!) about how their lives have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hear from an Oklahoman living in South Korea, a pet store worker in Minnesota, a soon to be retired aerospace employee in Washington State, and we listen to stories from Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana, Arizona, and New Hampshire.

It’s usually impossible to get all the ladybrains in one place at one time—but thanks to the power of Zoom (and state mandated stay-at-home orders) all the brains were able to enjoy a fun night with a huge squad of listeners—getting to know a lot about YOU and definitely having a great time. On this week’s episode we’re bringing you along for the fun! We are definitely making this a regular event… maybe even after the pandemic passes!

This week, we visit with Republican candidate for Senate in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Beth Lindstom, who’s running a valiant attempt to unseat someone by the name of Elizabeth Warren. No idea who she is. Then, our old friend Toby Young stops by to discuss his recent experience with the digital pitchfork and torch mob on the internet and what we ought to do about it (do read his fantastic essay on this topic on, The Public Humiliation Diet and buy his books that are discussed on the show). Also, the Cohen tapes, the roaring economy, and is there life on Mars? Hope so, because we feel like moving there.

Music from this week’s show: Life on Mars by David Bowie

Our own Max Ledoux sits down with Dave Carter in this edition of Radio Deplorable. These two hit almost every topic imaginable, from the linguistic and cultural idiosyncrasies of the French language (French Canadian and Cajun), Max’s residence (built by a Revolutionary War veteran) in New Hampshire, the ideological consequences of life in New York City, civility and backbone in the age of bare-knuckled politics, and a sneak peak at coming enhancements to the Ricochet. It’s a wide ranging discussion and one that we think you’ll find both entertaining and intriguing.

Another slow news week…yawn. Uh, no. With so much to talk about, we present another super-sized Ricochet Podcast clocking in at just under 90 minutes. We’ve got our pal David French, who wants us to Stop Making Terrible Arguments for Blind Loyalty. That’s followed by two Ricochet members (that’d be Robert McReynolds and Max Ledoux) who wants us to give the President the benefit of the doubt at least some of the time. Seems reasonable, but you won’t want to miss the debate that ensues. Who won? Tell us in the comments. Also, RIP Roger Ailes, the whip smart, innovative, and yes, controversial, creator of Fox News (the Michael Wolff piece Rob refers to about Ailes is here).

Music from this week’s podcast: Happy Family by The Ramones