Matthew Hennessey joins City Journal managing editor Paul Beston to discuss Matthew’s new book, Zero Hour for Gen X: How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials.

More than a decade after the introduction of social media, it’s evident that Silicon Valley’s youth-obsessed culture has more drawbacks—from violations of privacy to deteriorating attention spans—than many of us first realized. For many millennials, though, who grew up with the Internet, there’s nothing to worry about. And to hear the media tell it, this tech-savvy generation, the largest in American history, is poised to take leadership from the retiring baby boomers.

After a rousing live edition of the podcast in DC, we’re back on virtual home ground and we hit the ground running. First up, our old pal Larry Kudlow former Ricochet podcaster, current Director of the National Economic Council stops by to dish on the economy, Milton Friedman, working in the White House, and he declares a certain podcaster #NeverTrump (spoiler alert: it’s not who you think it is). Next up: Matthew Hennessey  stops by to chat about his new book Zero Hour For Gen X. Finally, some thoughts on the great Tom Wolfe, who passed away earlier this week from two who knew and admired him.

Music from this week’s podcast: Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 by Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev – Academy of London Orchestra