As Jay says in his introduction, Matthew Continetti is “a conservative and a conservative-ologist: a student of conservatism, a dissector of it, an expert on it. He has written a new book: The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism.’” Jay and Matt have a meaty hour on conservatism. And they barely get started. 

No, silence isn’t violence; it’s just that here at Ricochet, we’d like to hear what you’ve got to say. As is our wont, we’ve got a few freethinkers to join Rob and James this week – unfortunately Peter is away. First up is Matthew Continetti of The Washington Free BeaconHe’s here to talk about the bewildering politics in a time of competing counter-cultures where both sides think they’re losing.

Next up, Nathan Harden, author of Sex and God at Yale, who in 2012 foresaw how political correctness was suffocating education. More recently, his work at Real Clear Politics has highlighted the literally-dumbfounding phenomenon of self-censorship on campuses. Is the death of free speech inevitable? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Founding Editor in Chief of the Washington Free Beacon and self-described “Reagan enthusiast” Matthew Continetti discusses Reagan’s relationship with populism, #40’s take on democracy promotion, and the state of Reaganism today.

Did someone say Space Force? That’s just too irresistible a topic for this podcast not to tackle in depth. So we do. But that’s not all. No sir. We also call on our friends Matt Continetti (he of the must listen Right and Righter podcast) to talk about Alexandria Cortez-Ocasio and what she means for American politics, and Byron York takes us for a deep dive on the status of the Mueller investigation. We learned a lot in this segment and we bet you will too. Also, Rob goes long on the Academy’s new Most Popular Movie category. Hoping for a podcast category soon.

Music from this week’s show: Space Cowboy by The Steve Miller Band

This week, a run through Jerusalem with the Washington Free Beacon’s Matt Continetti and then back home to Alabama guided by the Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn. Also, Lileks on Franken and what’s next for Minnesota, Peter Robinson goes for a ride on the Orient Express, and what do they call a Quarter Pounder on Vulcan? Tune in to find out.

Music from this week’s episode: One Never Knows, Does One by Billie Holiday

The problem with the #TakeAKnee protest isn’t the divisiveness, it’s the stupidity.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Matt Continetti on how amazing it is that the one person who “gets” middle America is a multi-millionaire TV star from New York City.

This week, we get wonky, wistful, and weepy (but not because Ricochet Editor In Chief Jon Gabriel is sitting in for Peter Robinson). We get our wonk on with Washington Free Beacon Editor In Chief Matt Continetti, who gives us the elite media POV on the race, as well as a sobering look (here’s the weepy part, at least for @jameslileks) at Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Spoiler alert: don’t ever meet your heroes, folks.  Later, we’re joined by the great Byron York, who details what it’s like covering a candidate whose primary method of communication is late night Tweeting. Case in point: