Sorry, Jimmy—The funniest monologue this weekend came from a self-deprecating Donald Trump;

Trump tells a joke, the press turns itself into one trying to make it a controversy;

One year ago today: Do you remember where you were—and how insanely impossible the political world looked—on January 19 2017? Boy, aren’t we glad things have gotten back to normal, right?

Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard on the media’s worst week ever.

Finally! A politician makes a promise they’re guaranteed to keep!

How the heck did Matt Laure keep his job?

Stephen Miller has the week off, so Jon Gabriel welcomed Ricochet favorites Mark and Mollie Hemingway as his very special guest hosts. The trio talk about the media’s covfefe of Trump, the double standards of covfefing political violence, and the meaning of covfefe.

Our intro and outro music (and Jon’s song of the week) is “Low” by TRAAMS, Mark’s pick is “Doesn’t Matter at All” by The Inky Depths, and Mollie’s is “Know” by Syd. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians, subscribe to our Spotify playlist. You also should subscribe to this podcast and give it five-star, glowing reviews on iTunes!