Kira, April, and Teri are talking this week about the lack of common sense in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the yuckiness that is Louis C.K., the alarming rent-a-family trend in Japan, and reliving November 8, 2016. Special guest: Lisa DePasquale, author of the new book, The Social Justice Warrior Handbook.

Forget politics, let’s talk culture today. (And lend Teri a little moral support!) Topics include the latest in Antifa fashion, a nudist-accepting restaurant, and the stressful side effects of Christmas music. Today’s interview is with author Lisa De Pasquale, whose new book, The Social Justice Warrior Handbook, makes for the perfect present for the radical in your life.

Question of the day: When is the appropriate time to start playing Christmas music?

Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) and Stephen Miller (@RedSteeze) welcome Lisa De Pasquale (@LisaDeP). She’s the author of The Social Justice Warrior Handbook: A Practical Survival Guide for Snowflakes, Millennials, and Generation Z, and is a columnist and frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business. Also, Stephen and Jon talk about Hurricane Harvey Weinstein slamming Hollywood and the problems it creates for the Democratic Party.

The intro/outro song and Stephen’s song of the week is “You’re Dreaming” by Wolf Parade and Jon’s is “Afterlife” by Public Memory. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians, subscribe to our Spotify playlist.