Ep. 256 – Bestselling Author Lee Smith @LeeSmithDC discusses how the Trump Russia collusion hoax, the bogus impeachment charges, “weaponizing COVID-19”, the coordinated riots laying waste to US cities, the two-tier justice systems, and vote-by-mail election fraud is all part of THE PERMANENT COUP. Then at @37:00: Last year #1 New York Times bestselling Author Kyle Mills @KyleMillsAuthor presciently wrote about Coronavirus and now joins us to discuss his latest Vince Flynn novel TOTAL POWER which deals the entire US power grid being taken out by terrorists throwing America into chaos for a year. After California’s recent power outages, we must ask how would the country survive without electricity for weeks, months or even a year?

Saturday’s rally wasn’t against gun violence—it was a rally against gun owners. How will they respond?

We talk to Cam Edwards of NRA TV, and to James Wallace of the Gun Owners Action League in Massachusetts.

Susan Rice writes a letter to herself saying she is totally awesome! And if you can’t trust Susan Rice…

Tablet magazine’s Lee Smith with the latest on bizarre behavior by Obama’s DOJ.