The Question of the Week, maybe the month, perhaps the year, oh, heck — likely of the century is “when is the economy re-opening?” Sure, we could round up a bunch of egg-head economists to ponder and scratch their chins, but instead we went directly to the West Wing, to the room where it happens (to coin a phrase) and got our old friend and former podcaster Larry Kudlow on the Skype machine. He gives us the actual figures on the economy, the strategy, the mood, and most importantly, how we get out of this. Also, is sunlight a disinfectant? Can you inject Lysol? (Did you really think we weren’t going to talk about that?). We’ve got a Lileks Post of The Week from Southern Pessimist on cooking at home and Chef Long describes how you can cook like the stars.

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Most Ricochet Podcasts follow a longstanding format: A little chat with the hosts, a couple of guests, some closing thoughts, a tune, and we’re out. But when you’ve got our old friend and current White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow on the podcast just hours after some very strong economic news, well, you throw out your format and let Larry drive the bus. We talk to him about the economy, about the Fed, and a bit about his health (spoiler alert: he’s doing great). Also, we belly up to the Barr, and Rob Long gives his take on the current cold war between Hollywood writers and their agents.

Music from this week’s show: Hats Off To Larry by Dell Shannon

After a rousing live edition of the podcast in DC, we’re back on virtual home ground and we hit the ground running. First up, our old pal Larry Kudlow former Ricochet podcaster, current Director of the National Economic Council stops by to dish on the economy, Milton Friedman, working in the White House, and he declares a certain podcaster #NeverTrump (spoiler alert: it’s not who you think it is). Next up: Matthew Hennessey  stops by to chat about his new book Zero Hour For Gen X. Finally, some thoughts on the great Tom Wolfe, who passed away earlier this week from two who knew and admired him.

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Who doesn’t love a parade? Certainly not us. We also love a rising market,  good explanations of complicated investigations, and clear and concise commentary on the economy. That’s why we invited Andrew McCarthy and Larry Kudlow on this week’s show. They ably guide us through both issues with clarity, good humor, and yes, a bit of scolding. Also, a Minnesotan’s view of the Super Bowl and more about that bet with John Yoo.

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On this episode of American Wonk, our guest is Larry Kudlow: Contributing Editor at National Review, Senior Contributor at CNBC, and host of the “Larry Kudlow Show” on WABC.

Larry joins us to talk about three hot economic topics. First, we discuss President Trump’s upcoming appointment of a new chairman for the Federal Reserve. Why is the Federal Reserve important? What has the Fed gotten right or wrong since the financial crisis? And how does it affect your ability—and the government’s—to borrow money?

We’re in that post-Thanksgiving tryptophan-induced, pre-Trump inaugural lull, folks. But that doesn’t mean we don’t bring the very best in digital talk. No sloughing off for us. We’ve got Trump inner circle denizen (and Ricochet Podcaster) Larry Kudlow sitting in for the making TV great again Rob Long. With Larry, we get the skinny on all the recent cabinet appointments and some insight into how the Trump administration may operate. Then, a close up look at Cuba with our guest Carlos Eire (his book Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy is a must read). Then, TV’s Rob Long actually does stop by to eat a little crow, talk some TV biz, and mix it up in general. ¡Viva Podcast!

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Yeah, yeah, there was an election earlier this week, but we’re all past that now. What will the first 100 days of the Trump administration look like? For that we (along with guest host Mona Charen) turn to the great Larry Kudlow, who has been a Trump supporter and advisor since the beginning of the campaign. Who will be, who will be out, what policies will be advocated, we cover it all. Also, some thoughts about the campaign and how we all move forward from #NeverTrump.

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This week, Lileks is on vacation so we asked our good friend Larry Kudlow to sit in his chair as we welcome the Manhattan Institute’s and Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley to the show to discuss the events of the last week. Yes, we also cover the presumptive nominee, and Larry makes a valiant effort to convince one of the hosts to support his candidate. Was Larry successful? Tune in to find out.

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Let’s get right to the point: we’ve got Larry Kudlow (shameless plug: listen to Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics podcast) who may or may not be the next Senator from Connecticut to school on why Donald Trump ought to be taken seriously and other matters both political and economic, followed by the great Michael Barone, who joins us from the side of the road in South Carolina. He breaks down the primary scene and gives us a look ahead as well. Finally, Bernie and Al break bread — as one wag on Twitter put it, “guy who wants to raise taxes has breakfast with guy who doesn’t pay them.”

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