This week — UNICORNS. Well, James mentions one. Also, the great Kori Schake on how we ought to deal with North Korea. Republican Congressional candidate in California’s 52nd District Michael Allman on using software to figure out what constituents want, some thoughts on Think Tank personnel changes, and a Ricochet Podcast host joins the Trump administration (no, Rob Long has not become Secretary of TV).

Music from this week’s podcast: The Unicorn Song by Peter, Paul, & Mary

This week, we’ve got Powerline’s John Hinderaker in the Long Chair®, John Yoo protecting us from sentient robots (read his new book Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules for War  ), and the Hoover Institution’s Kori Schake with some thoughts on how to take down Rocket Man. Also, Minnesota statues and other assorted ephemera.

Music from this week’s podcast: Rocket Man (feat. Iron Horse) by Pickin’ On Series from The Bluegrass Tribute to Classic Rock Hits.