Josh Kraushaar, of National Journal, is one of the best political reporters and analysts in America. His handle, on Twitter, is “Hotline Josh,” for reasons he explains in this conversation with Jay. He and Jay jaw over some of today’s politics: Biden—is he all there? Harris—does she have what it takes? Trump—are he and the GOP at one? Josh also provides assessments of the four big leaders on the Hill: Pelosi and McCarthy; Schumer and McConnell. So too, he talks about the changing role of the media, and why it matters. You can learn a lot from Josh Kraushaar, as serious students of American politics have long known. 

The Horse Race takes a close look at the May 12 special election in California’s 25th Congressional District with the National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar, while Ad of the Week walks through the series of ads both candidates in that race have aired, showing how a campaign strategy unfolds over the airwaves. We also talk with legendary psephologist Charlie Cook about the ins and outs of forecasting races.

Martin Luther kicked off the Protestant Reformation with his immortal words, “here I stand; I can do no other.”  President Trump earns praise and scorn for his similar attitude, and as a result has forced conservatives and Republicans to rethink their orthodoxies. Is a conservative reformation at hand? Noted author Yuval Levin joins the Horse Race to expand on that question, while columnist Ramesh Ponnuru explores how Trump is handling the pandemic. We also look at important primary battles between would-be reformers and establishment figures with National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar. All this and the Ad of the Week, too! Only at the Horse Race.