Ep. 257 – This week’s episode feature Dave’s interviews at The Real Side Radio; Movie Critic Christian Toto, purveyor at HollywoodInToto.com discusses the controversial Netflix film “Cuties”, Sam Elliott, Burt Reynolds, and the Oscars. At @22:43 Jon Gabriel, Editor in Chief at Ricochet.com discusses the “Harris-Biden Administration” and why Arizona may be big trouble for both President Trump and Senator Martha McSally. At @42:22 Billboard’s Top 40 pop recording artist Ricky Rebel discusses his viral video MAGA (YMCA parody played in full at the end of the interview), and his thoughts on the Lefts’ identity politics.

It’s our last show for 2018, sadly there’s just not that much to talk about. Darn. Nothing going on, no controversy, no conflict. Just some old friends (and Ricochet editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel) shooting the breeze for 70 odd minutes. Enjoy and we’ll see you next year.

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Ricochet editor-in-chief and known strong-man Jon Gabriel joins the Smart Girls this week to talk Kavanaugh, the new “Roseanne” reboot (the new new reboot, not the old new reboot) and the sexuality of muppets.

This week, we do a Rico-Centric show with our regular crew and our two trusty editors: Jon Gabriel (Ricochet’s beloved EIC) and Bethany Mandel, the Madonna of The Main Feed. We talk about flagpoles, conservatives on social media, an insider’s view of Arizona, why Instagram is the best social media platform (after this one, natch) and of course, Lileks gives the lowdown on the Minnesota State Fair.

Music from this week’s episode: State Fair (opening title) by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

Ricochet’s Editor in Chief makes a visit to Radio Deplorable today, taking time to talk with Dave about everything from coffee cups to future ideas for Ricochet and an assessment of how things are going currently at our favorite website. Along the way, Jon and Dave touch on the Never Trump phenomenon, the fissure between various segments of the right, and some preliminary thoughts on Jonah Goldberg’s new book (which Jon and Dave are probably reading even now). As Dave writes us, ‘what a relaxing and fun conversation!’ We think you’ll agree.

The caravan of would-be illegal immigrants making its way to the US border might as well have “Vote Trump 2020” banners waving overhead. Kausha Luna of the Center for Immigration Studies has the background.

Ricochet Editor-In-Chief on Kevin Williamson’s first Atlantic article and why he’ll never give up his cancerous cup of coffee.

Stories for you today include a Democrat congressional candidate who was arrested on stalking charges, an anti-Trump hotel being opened in DC, and a North Korean radio station that was hacked to play one of the ’80s worst songs on repeat. Special guest Jon Gabriel stops by to talk all things Thanksgiving. Question of the Day: You have to pick one pie for Thanksgiving – will it be apple or pumpkin?