Why almost everything you’ve been told about the “once-in-a-millennium” hurricane season is wrong.

A liberal Massachusetts college finally finds some “offensive” free speech to defend–and it involves hating America.

On the Ricochet Podcast, we go to great lengths to provide breadth and depth in covering the news of the day. Where else can you hear incisive legal analysis from John Yoo and great social commentary and levity from Pat Sajak? Nowhere else, that’s for sure. We give some free legal advice to those in need, talk about walls (those that were torn down and those yet to be built), and school Peter Robinson on 20th Century culture he somehow missed. Also, a preview of next week’s Reagan Library event featuring Pat and Peter. Don’t miss it.

Music from this week’s podcast: Don’t Bring Me Down by Electric Light Orchestra

On this month’s episode of American Wonk, our topic is: What the heck is going on between Donald Trump, James Comey, and Russia? Is there fire underneath all that smoke? Is the President in any kind of legal jeopardy?

To answer these questions, we needed to go to someone who could wonk out with us on both foreign policy and constitutional questions, and so we’re very fortunate to have John Yoo join the program.

The hard part about producing a podcast these days is finding topics to discuss. In the era of Trump, not much happens. Well, we struggle to carry on with our guests John Yoo on the trials and tribulations of Trump’s executive order and Judge Gorsuch, and El Rush Bro himself, David Limbaugh on the President’s first two weeks (wait — it’s only been two weeks?) Also, Elizabeth Warren gets sent to her room and a hearty Ricochet Podcast Mazel Tov to Ricochet members @1967mustangman and @VicrylContessa on the occasion of their engagement. We wish them a smart and civil marriage with little or no need for moderators.

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