As Jay says, John O’Sullivan is one of the most eminent political journalists in the English-speaking world. He is British — a Liverpudlian, and an exact contemporary of the Beatles — but he has lived all over and worked all over. In this “Q&A,” he joins Jay from his home in Budapest.

He talks about the British election. And Brexit. And the EU. And NATO. And immigration/assimilation. And other critical issues of our time. He also answers such questions as, “How did you acquire your views?”


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This week, our good pal and fellow podcaster Andrew Klavan sits in for the making-TV-great-again Rob Long (of course you should buy and read Andrew’s book The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ). First up, Trump’s cabinet is becoming sentient and we have plenty to say about that. And, a few words about the Left’s FREAKOUT every time Trump Tweets. Then, the great and crushingly urbane John O’Sullivan joins to discuss Europe’s reaction to Trumpism and what the future holds for the continent. His piece Europe Agonistes in this month’s National Review is a must read. And we wind up with a tribute to John Glenn, of the the greatest Americans who ever lived. Godspeed, sir.

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