The King of Stuff welcomes Jim Geraghty, senior political correspondent for National Review, host of the “Three Martini Lunch” podcast, and author of the new thriller Hunting Four Horsemen. Jon and Jim chat about the death of polling, the success of down-ticket Republicans, and writing fiction.

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This week, John Yoo, the Ricochet Podcast Senior Election Fraud Analyst and the Joan and Ray Kroc McRib Scholar at Hamburger University sits in for Peter Robinson and kicks the show off with a deep dive on where we stand with all of the current court cases and challenges around the election. Then, Avik Roy (listen to his American Wonk/COVID in 19 podcast right here on Ricochet) stops by to science us on the recent resurgence of COVID cases cropping up across the country. Then, National Review’s Jim Geraghty (do yourself a favor and subscribe to his must read Daily Jolt newsletter) visits for a bit to talk about Georgia, polling, and to drop a few impressions. Finally, mad props to Ricochet member @markcamp for winning the coveted Lileks Post of The Week badge for his tome, Was Perry Mason a Great TV Series? We’ll let you decide. Thanks to all who joined us for the live video version of the show. We apologize for Rob’s sweater.

Music from this week’s show: Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis

You know things are getting weird when the main topic in a presidential race is who’s wearing masks and when. This week’s guests – Robert Costa of The Washington Post and National Review’s Jim Geraghty – help us understand the logic underneath the craziness. We even unmask the reasoning behind a recent Democratic ad designed to help a Republican on Ad of the Week!

On today’s show it’s National Review’s Jim Geraghty—Unleashed! (on the fact that it’s Trump–Unleashed!)

Why Trump sending troops to the border is no big deal.

We’ve got the great Shelby Steele on the podcast this week (read him fantastic WSJ column Black Protest Has Lost Its Power) to discuss the NFL and (the lack of) racism in the culture. Then, the indispensable Jim Geraghty guides us through the politics of shut down. Finally, finally,  a real sports discussion: Vikings fan boy James Lileks on his home town team.

Music from this week’s episode: Shut Down by The Beach Boys

Are minorities leaving the G.O.P. or are are white voters in general just going the way of the Dodo bird? That’s the question we ponder (Rob Long ponders it at a chi chi bar in Manhattan as you’ll hear). The we chat about the debate with Ramesh Ponnuru and about Tim Kaine’s weird position on abortion rights. Later, Jim Geraghty, the Morning Jolt newsletter author (and host of the Three Martini Lunch podcast), joins to discuss the N.F.L.’s sinking ratings and whether they have to do with the injection of politics into the game. Also, the state of the Presidential race, the fight for Congress, and courtesy of Ricochet member @rushbabe49, our podcasters reveal their happiest memory. Spoiler alert: one isn’t very happy.

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