This week on Banter, AEI Visiting Fellow Jay Cost joins the show to discuss his new book “The Price of Greatness: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Creation of American Oligarchy.” The book describes the fractious relationship between Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. After working together to advocate for the ratification of the Constitution, Hamilton and Madison became bitter rivals with Hamilton emphasizing economic growth and Madison the importance of republican principles. The book has important lessons for how we balance nationalism and republicanism today. Dr. Cost hosted a release event for the book at AEI. You can watch the full event video and read Jay’s recent National Affairs piece at the links below.

On this episode of the AEI Events Podcast, AEI’s Jay Cost discusses his new book “The Price of Greatness: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Creation of American Oligarchy” (Basic Books, 2018) with Stephen Knott of the United States Naval War College and Luke Thompson of Applecart.

Cost argues that Madison’s and Hamilton’s rivaling republicanism and nationalism can inform our understanding of today’s politics. Madison was for too long written off as Jefferson’s lieutenant. He and Hamilton have only recently come into public focus, and, for Dr. Cost, their unique relationship — first allies, then political enemies — warranted investigation into their rivaling ideologies in the US liberal constitutional regime.

I don’t think this is what they meant by #BlueWave…

Another bad day for the Democrats as polls show five incumbent US senators under water

jay-costThe team takes one more turn at post-election analysis and this time it’s Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard joining Jay and Neal to talk. The gang discussed the particulars of the election, as well as what the GOP needs to do to keep those rust belt states. Also, they discuss the breakdown of political civility. Whereas it’s fine to be passionate about your beliefs, it doesn’t mean the other side is evil. Finally, they spend some time talking about “The Walking Dead” and Jay answers the ever-important question — Star Wars or Star Trek?