James O’Keefe, President of Project Veritas, returns to Whiskey Politics to discuss muckraking in the age of mainstream media’s activist journalism. James shares his unlikely inspiration from Orwell, Chomsky, and even Alinksy. His new book American Pravda, My Fight For Truth In The Era Of Fake News is now available and highly recommended as it combines the thrilling escapades of a spy novel with the unvarnished truth of the state of corrupt, biased media. We cover CNN, Twitter, how journalists are abdicating the FBI Memo story for politics, and some incredible stories you probably didn’t hear about in the media, as well as who and what is the next giant target for James and his dedicated team.

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James O’Keefe joins Dave Sussman at Whiskey Politics on Ricochet at Freedom Fest to discuss the CNN Scandal, fake news, Project Veritas videos and how they have impacted him personally and the big things on the horizon for his organization.

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