This week, we travel across the pond to talk with our good mate James Delingpole to get his very hot take on Trump’s visit, What May or May not happen to the current Prime Minister, and get his impression of that so called Baby Trump Blimp. Also, we’ve got a new SCOTUS nominee and his age is a trigger warning for one of our hosts, that fantastic Tweet storm by Ricochet alum Claire Berlinski, and the Strzok circus comes to town.

Music from this week’s episode: Roll With It by Oasis

That brilliant Brit, James Delingpole, joins us to talk about what it’s like to be a Trump-friendly conservative in modern Europe.

Also, more developments in the Las Vegas massacre story as the sheriff suggests the shooter did NOT act alone.

This week, we mix up the line-up with Conservatarian guest hosts Jon Gabriel and Stephen Miller. They’re joined by author Tom Nichols (his new book The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters is a must read) and our old pal James Delingpole who lets loose about Milo and CPAC in the way only he can. Also, weird goings on in North Korea and next stop, Trappist-1.

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This week, a debate about guns, some inside dope about Trump, courtesy of the great Byron York, one final conversation about Brexit compliments of the ever brash James Delingpole, and the complexities of giving up the thing you know.

Music from this week’s episode: