Herbert Meyer, a senior CIA official during the Reagan years and occasional contributor to Ricochet, suffered a serious bicycle accident recently and remains hospitalized. Herb was one of the first persons in the Reagan Administration who began to think out loud what Reagan had thought more privately—we can win the Cold War with the Soviet Union! With several new books about Reagan and the Cold War in recent months, Steve Hayward decided to dust off some archival recordings with Herb from a few years back that hold up better than ever, and provide lessons for today on how good intelligence work is done. Please keep Herb in your thoughts and prayers as you listen to this remarkable man and his fascinating stories.

(Closing bumper music this week is “Forgiven, Not Forgotten” by The Corrs.)

That’s the question former CIA officer Herb Meyer answers on this podcast. Meyer was one of the only people, maybe the only person, to predict the fall of the Soviet Union, and he offers insights on Orlando and the terror threat generally. They also discuss his brand new booklet, Why Is the World So Dangerous?

HerbMeyer1Jay and Mona then consider the left’s unwillingness to confront homophobia if it comes wearing a hijab, what killed JFK, the “see something/say something” fraud, Muslim allies in the fight against extremism, boots on the ground, and, naturally, some Clinton/Trump.