Roger is joined by the 23rd Governor of the State of Arizona, Doug Ducey, who is also serving as the chair of the Republican Governor’s Association. During his time in office, Governor Ducey has continually cut regulations and simplified taxes to stimulate job creation and economic growth and has also focused on developing dynamic civic education for youth.

Roger and Governor Ducey discuss the future of the Arizonan and American workforce, semiconductor manufacturing and national security, and the future of Republican governors in America.

Since February, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. This month, he methodically began re-opening the state’s economy. Jon asks him about what the near-term future holds, his collaboration with the White House and fellow governors, and why so many businesses are fleeing blue enclaves for the Grand Canyon State.

Before serving as governor, Gov. Ducey was elected state treasurer. Prior to that, he was in the private sector as the CEO of Scottsdale-based Cold Stone Creamery, taking it from a handful of local shops to nearly 1,400 stores spanning the globe.