Glenn Reynolds, of, discusses why he deleted his #Twitter account with over 160,000 followers, the new #Socialist ‘it-girl’ AOC, disgraced FBI Director McCabe’s insurance policy, and the Democrats racist chickens coming home to roost. Check out Glenn’s work along with other excellent writers at

Glenn Harlan Reynolds, aka the Instapundit, sits down with Ben Weingarten to discuss his new Encounter Broadside The Judiciary’s Class War, and a series of topics including the split in the American body politic, class and judicial philosophy, the court’s activism on major political issues, and much more.

Learn more in The Judiciary’s Class War:

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for January 29, 2018, it’s the The Glenn Reynolds Interview: Listen to it All edition of the show, episode number 160! Our special guest this week is the purveyor of Instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds. We are truly psyched to have Glenn on. He represents the best in independent, libertarian, power-suspicious and iconoclastic podcast voices in the history of the internet.

We will have, in addition to the interview with Glenn, a discussion about gridlock and why it’s so bad after all. The New York Times blathers on about how Donald Trump has demolished the sweet, bipartisan spirit that had been, up until recently, embracing Washington for, how long? who knows?