Evan Sayet and Mark Tapson on the Left and the Culture War. First Evan Sayet discusses how “the Left is at the point of their end game” pertaining to culture, politics and Donald Trump. Then Mark joins us to discuss how the code of chivalry that many of men were raised to practice, has now become “toxic masculinity”, whether society no longer needs alpha males, ‘benevolent sexism’, and why the war on masculinity is the most important cultural issue of our time.

Evan Sayet is a comedian, Author, and Speaker. Formerly a writer for The Arsenio Hall Show and Bill Maher, Evan has become one of the nation’s leading conservative political comedians as well as a highly respected political pundit. His lecture to the Heritage Foundation remains, ten years later, by far the single most viewed lecture in that organization’s storied history. Evan is also a speechwriter for President Donald Trump and author of the bestselling book, The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks. Follow Evan on Twitter.


Evan Sayet is a stand-up comedian and writer in Hollywood – and a conservative. How’d he get that way? Well, he discusses it with Jay.

They also talk about Carson, Leno, Letterman, Maher, Stewart, Colbert, and others you know. Evan Sayet, you will very much enjoy knowing.


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