On this week’s episode, Ankler Editor Richard Rushfield and Critic Emily Yoshida talk about the outbreak of sequelitis bringing low mighty film series and reboots across Hollywood/ Are people just burned out on the same old thing? Or do they just want the same old thing to be better? We also talk about the failure to launch of Late Night, another example of Hollywood botching festival darling women-helmed indie comedies, following on the heels of Booksmart.

The Ankler is joined again by Emily Yoshida (@emilyyoshida) to talk through the weekend’s crazy box office pictures which included a disappointing monster and a over-performing Rocketman. Is counter-programming back? And then we talk about the WGA action against the agencies. What do writers today want anyway?

On this week’s episode, Ankler Editor Richard Rushfield and film maven Emily Yoshida discuss the just debuting Cannes Film Festival. Who is it for? How much fun is it to visit on someone else’s dime? Would the tens of millions spent by studios catering to this media gala be better off being set on fire? And then we talk the GoT conclusion. Where does it’s exit leave HBO and what does this decade long, slow moving series say about what’s still possible in our ADD culture?

Awards Season madness is kicking up dust. This week, Ankler on the Air wades through the smoke with two fearless industry observers: New York Magazine film critic Emily Yoshida and the Ankler’s own Editor-at-Large Jim Gibson. We talk about the madness of the Oscar race, how these decisions go down and what surprises lie ahead on the Oscar trail. Then we look at AT&T’s sudden, shocking decision to pull the plug on Filmstruck, the classic film streaming service beloved of cineophiles. And finally we look at horror producer Jason Blum’s statement and apology about the lack of female horror directors. All brought to you this week by our good friends at calm.com.