Our apologies for leaving you with Ricochet-less week! In order to make it up to you, we go big with a couple of our favorite recurring guests. First up is Ann Coulter to explain why she thinks the Republican Party is doing all it can to blow yet another election. Then Debra Saunders returns to take us through Dominion’s suit against Fox News and the outrageous biases therein.

The gang also touch on Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s challenge to Joe Biden (and the damage it could do to him!) along with Rob and Charles’ grand time in New Orleans meeting Ricochet members!

Even without being on the ballot, Democrats are determined to make the midterms about Donald Trump. And since that’s what they want to talk about, we wanted to hear from our friend Debra Saunders again, whose just launched her podcast Covering Trump. Deb fields questions from Rob, James and Charles about meat-and-potatoes stories, the mythological neutral reporter, and the incentives to write confirmation bias stories.

The guys also talk about actual potatoes and wonder why op-ed writers think it’s strange that Americans care most deeply about the price of them; there’s a bit on the intersectional nightmare that took place in Dearborn, Michigan; and eventually (inevitably, perhaps) the conversation turned to… Supertramp. Love ’em? Hate ’em? Let us know in the comments!

This week, in an unparalleled act of commitment, we persisted and Naomi Wolf is our guest this week. It’s a fascinating, surprising, and yes, hopeful conversation and we’re very grateful she agreed to join us. But see what you think. Then, the delightful Deb Saunders –on hiatus from covering the White House– joins us to talk about how the current White House is covered vs. the last one and the differences between covering the two. Also fascinating if less surprising.  Also, Rob Long shares his name with someone more famous than him (for the the time being), James updates us on his SQUIRREL! issues, and Peter is wants more productivity in his life.  We’ll try and get to that soon.

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With states beginning to reopen and politics beginning to heat up, it feels like we’re in the eye of the storm – past the covid-19 hammer and preparing for the election maelstrom to come. CNN political analyst Harry Enten joins the Horse Race to help us make sense of this moment, while White House correspondent Debra Saunders gives us a behind the scenes look at covering Trump during the pandemic. All this and a look at how politicians use humor in their ads to make their points in Ad of the Week – only on the Horse Race!

This week’s show features two guests who just happen to be married, which certainly makes recording convenient! Our first guest is Debra J. Saunders, the White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and former opinion columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. President Trump called on Debra last Friday in his daily virus briefing, and beyond the immediate story I was most interested in talking with Debra about what it’s like covering this White House, what it’s like in the press briefing room when the cameras aren’t running, and how broadcast journalists operate differently than print journalist. We also speculate some on the general political scene, which is likely going to be unpredictable right up to election day.

Wesley J. Smith

Settle in, shelter-in-placers, we’ve got another super-sized (and shall we say, impassioned) edition of the Ricochet Podcast. In addition to the robust debaters, we’ve got Deb Saunders (self-quarantined from an undisclosed location) and Arthur Brooks who provides some much needed optimism in these dark days.

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A debacle in Iowa, a triumphant State of The Union speech, a rip-off, a socialist, a small town mayor with a big win — you name it, we discuss it on this week’s edition of The Big Show, aka The Ricochet Podcast. To help us sort through it all, we’ve got the great Deb Saunders, White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review Journal, and Mr. New Hampshire himself, Michael Graham (listeners, please send him some decaf– he needs it). Also, come on down, Ricochet member @nohaaj! You’ve got the highly coveted, much sought after Lileks Post of The Week.  Finally,  a White House speechwriter reviews the SOTU speech, another Long Poll Question®,  and we close with another edition of What Are You Watching? What are you watching? Let us know in the comments.

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Calling all political junkies, number crunchers, and poll watchers: this new podcast is for YOU. Washington Post political columnist and Ethics and Public Policy senior fellow Henry Olsen discusses the likely political impact of impeachment with the American Enterprise Institute’s Karlyn Bowman, what it’s like to cover President Trump every day with the White House Correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Debra J. Saunders, and does a deep dive into demographic and political trends in 2020’s most important state, Wisconsin, with Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel political report and analyst Craig Gilbert. All that plus a review of the race for House control and what makes the Ad of the Week tick on the Horse Race with Henry Olsen.


Three words not uttered in the Trump White House’s press room “call the briefing.” Not since March has a White House press secretary done a full-on, live-televised briefing.

Debra J. Saunders, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s White House correspondent, discusses the “new normal” in Trump-media relations.

Some weeks, we have to hunt hard for topics. Other weeks, well, they rain down like a monsoon. The latter describes this week and to provide an umbrella we’ve got the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s White House correspondent Debra J. Saunders on the political topics (and a bit on San Francisco) and The Skeptical Environmentalist himself, Bjørn Lomborg, who at this moment, is the world’s second most famous Scandinavian authority in climate. Also, a new poll question (answer it!) and Lileks make a cameo appearance to award Ricochet member Kevin Creighton the highly coveted Lileks Post of The Week.

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This week on America’s Most Trusted Podcast®, we kick off with some home grown commentary about the ongoing Pelosi-Trump drama. Then, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s White House correspondent extraordinaire Deb Saunders joins for an extended and more detailed chat on the same topic. Later, Dr. Bill McClay stops by to discuss his new book, Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story  which is all about the way history textbooks weirdly seem to only promote one point of view (guess which one). We close with a bit of talk about why Florida may be America’s greatest state and the what the hosts are doing for the three day weekend.

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This week, we start the show with a deep dive on…Beto O’Rourke (hey, know thine enemy, folks). Then Las Vegas Review-Journal  White House Correspondent Debra Saunders joins to discuss the Emergency Powers veto — what happened, what will happen, and why some Republican senators voted against it. Then Tim Carney stops by to discuss his new book Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse. It’s a fascinating discussion about class, family, and faith. Finally, we wrap things up with a sobering talk about the horrific mass shooting in New Zealand and ruminate on the college acceptance scandal. Booyah.

This week, two terrific reporters join us from their beats: first up, Salena Zito., National Political Reporter for The Washington Examiner (and author of the forthcoming book The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics) as well as an expert on the denizens of Trump country. Then,  Debra Saunders, the White House Correspondent of the Las Vegas Review-Journal gives us some insights into what its like to cover this President. Also, the Comey book, and happy trails to Paul Ryan.

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