In a show we could just as easily have named “David Limbaugh Cuts Through The Static,” the acclaimed NYT Best Selling author, pundit, and brother of Rush Limbaugh sits down with our own Dave Carter for a running stream of analysis that both figuratively and literally cuts through the static. That’s because the interview ran into a technical snag that resulted in actual static in the audio recording! Remarkably enough, Mr. Limbaugh’s clear analysis and commentary rises above the static (owing perhaps to his passion and conviction), so that the audio distortion will not prevent you from hearing what he has to say. And what he has to say needs to heard as a ringing indictment not only of the cancel culture and the left’s mob mentality, but of those on the right whose vacillations have helped bring us to this point.

Then Ricochet’s own Henry Racette stops by to discuss his recent article, “About That Vacancy,” and how he sees the 2020 Presidential election shaping up. This episode is rich in analysis, technical glitches notwithstanding, and we think you’ll enjoy the conversations.

Identity politics and group mentality is driving the left today, says David Limabugh, author of the new book, “Guilty By Reason of Insanity.”


Our deepest apologies for the delay in getting this show out the door. A lot of factors conspired in this show being a day late (but not a dollar short). And let’s also say this up front: for reasons that will become apparent to you when you listen to it, this is one of the quirkiest Ricochet Podcasts we’ve ever done (and not just because of the occasionally iffy audio). OK, enough of the caveats, let’s talk about the show.

First off, we’re down a host (although he does make a cameo appearance late in the show). Second, one of the hosts is podcasting while driving (you’d think he would have learned a lesson from the last time he attempted this, but apparently not). Our third host is ensconced in small town hotel room with less than ideal internet service and well, we struggle a bit with that too (we don’t do this very often, but you’ll definitely want to listen to the very end of the show if you like hearing Ricochet Podcast bloopers). All that being said, we did manage to put together a very interesting show featuring two guests from opposite sides of the aisle.

This week, a Minnesotan’s view on Franken and Keillor, we get handsy with our old pal David Limbaugh (would he vote for Roy Moore — tune it to find out), and a chat with an actual southerner about the south (that’s Weekly Standard writer Barton Swaim). Also, a bit about Flynn, and some turkey and tax talk.

Music from this week’s episode: Stars Fell On Alabama by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

We’re a man down this week, as James Lileks is in Reno (no, he did not a shoot a man there just to watch him die), but we have lots to talk about and two great guests to discuss it all with. Our old pal David Limbaugh returns to give us insight into his new book The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in The GospelsIt’s a fascinating book in which David combines the four Gospel stories into a unified account (though not, he humbly admits, a perfect harmony) and guides readers on a faith journey through the Four Evangelists’ testimonies of the life of Jesus Christ. And yes, we talk about Trump too. Then, if you really want to understand what’s going on in Europe, then you have to go to Europe. Or, at least call someone in Europe. So we rang up John O’Sullivan who knows more about the E.U., Brexit, and the French elections as anyone. Finally, courtesy of Ricochet member @robertmcreynolds, we delve in to the question of sanctuary cities, and while we’re at it, do a drive-by of Berkeley and of Cuba. Yes, Cuba. You’ll have to listen to find out why.

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Author David Limbaugh stops by to chat with Teri and Kira about his new book, The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels. Find out who the real Jesus is, as revealed by the Gospels, and how Christians today can use the Gospels as armor in an increasingly secular society.

The hard part about producing a podcast these days is finding topics to discuss. In the era of Trump, not much happens. Well, we struggle to carry on with our guests John Yoo on the trials and tribulations of Trump’s executive order and Judge Gorsuch, and El Rush Bro himself, David Limbaugh on the President’s first two weeks (wait — it’s only been two weeks?) Also, Elizabeth Warren gets sent to her room and a hearty Ricochet Podcast Mazel Tov to Ricochet members @1967mustangman and @VicrylContessa on the occasion of their engagement. We wish them a smart and civil marriage with little or no need for moderators.

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This week, the cavalcade of guests hosts continues as we welcome our good pal David Limbaugh to the Long seat on the podcast. We talk Trump’s evolving cabinet, yesterday’s meeting with the tech-llegensia, and some insights into where Trump may lead the country on his first 100 days. Then, from The Federalist (and his indispensable daily news letter, The Transom), Ben Domenech stops by to discuss the view of the incoming administration in DC, Democrat’s incessant whining about the Russian hacking, and some thoughts (but no spoilers) on Rogue One. Also, a preview of David’s new book, and the the podcasters pick their favorite Christmas toys (thanks Ricochet member Chris Bogdon). Makes us want to tear up…

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We’ve reached the end of the road folks — this is it– our last Ricochet Podcast before the election for the 45th President of the United States. Rob Long couldn’t join us us today, something else came up. But in his stead, Peter and James carry on with two of our favorite guests: El Rush Bro himself — the great David Limbaugh, and Ricochet alumnus (and equally great) Mollie Hemingway (@molliehemingway). David makes the case for the Republican nominee, while Mollie discusses the schizophrenic media coverage of the race. Also, fair and balanced podcasts, courtesy of Ricochet Member Curt North (featuring a rare cameo from the mysterious @BlueYeti himself) and James and Peter make their predictions for next Tuesday. Thanks to all for your loyalty to this podcast, this site, and our advertisers through this entire campaign season. It’s very much appreciated. See you on the other side, folks.

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