On Independence Day, when so much seems to be going wrong, perhaps we need to take a step back, share a laugh, and then focus some attention on those whose dedication makes this and every Independence Day possible. This episode meets both of those needs as Dave sits down with comedian David Deeble to bring the blood pressure down a bit by looking at the lighter side of life. Everything is fair game, from rioters toppling garden gnomes, to the proper placement of deer crossing signs in this freewheeling and fun exchange.

Then, Dave talks with new Ricochet Member Nick Plosser, who has started his own podcast called The Half Percent. The podcast provides a needed outlet and opportunity for active duty military, veterans, guard and reserve troops to tell their story, share their experiences, and bring you into the world of that half percent of Americans who are serving their country in uniform at any given time. Nick is an inspiring gentleman, and has even persuaded Dave to be a guest on an upcoming episode of his podcast (we understand there will be humor and bourbon involved, though we’re not sure which comes first). If you’re looking for reasons to celebrate Independence Day, this episode will do the trick.

Radio Deplorable is back and Dave Carter is having fun with it. This week, comedian David Deeble joins in as the two Daves enjoy a trans-Atlantic chat, one Dave in Memphis and the other in Germany. The twists and turns in their conversation take them from cruise ships to college campuses (a comedy circuit which David Deeble traveled in the past) and comparisons between the comedy of the past and the mine field of sensitivities through which humor must tread ever so lightly today. As Dave said, “For a couple of clowns, we had a really good time on this one.”  We think you will too.

Complaining that his computer took the better part of the afternoon to process and save the podcast, Dave speculated that, “Perhaps we overloaded the system since we had such a good time on this one.” In episode 30, Dave Sussman, David Deeble, and Dave Carter spend the morning steering clear of the political weeds and, instead, focus on simply enjoying each other’s company and making pleasant use of a rare opportunity to have a Sunday Morning chat. Topics include international travel, the life of a CPAC attendee, comedy in other countries, and Dave Carter’s strategic vision for the future of the Law Firm of Carter, Deeble, and Sussman (note: don’t try and drink anything when you hear this one).

Steve Hayward reached all the way across the Atlantic to track down comedian/magician (and occasional Ricochet contributor) David Deeble to talk about comedy, why most comics (and actors and most other artists) are liberal, and the challenges of comedy in Germany, which isn’t exactly known for its appreciation of comedy. If you’ve never seen David in action, look him up at his website (DavidDeeble.com) and follow him on Twitter, @DavidDeeble.

What do you get when you put Dave Carter, Dave Sussman, and David Deeble on the same podcast (other than preliminary plans for world domination)? As Dave Carter described the conversation, “It was, in turn, nuts, hilarious, serious, and analytical. In other words, you could rope us off and charge admission to view.” After some initial difficulty figuring out how to do a three-way Skype call, the gentlemen nearly called this episode “Three Old Guys and Their Electronic Devices,” but elected instead to start their own law firm for reasons you’ll have to hear for yourself to understand.