In this episode, Dave Carter turns the tables on Whiskey Politics’ proprietor and frequent Real Side Radio host Dave Sussman by interviewing the guy who is usually asking questions of others. Along the way we learn that the current mass exit of people from the progressive utopia of California means that, A) U-Haul trucks are impossible to reserve, and B) too many of California’s evacuees bring their political beliefs with them and end up voting for the same policies that wrecked the place they left. The two Daves also discuss voter trends in the African American community and the prospects for the Biden Campaign, before moving on to speculate on the best way to deal with rioters and protestors who block public roads.

Dave also welcomes Ricochet Charter Member Brian Watt to discuss his recent articles addressing the similarities of the 2020 presidential election with the elections of 1968 and 1972, before explaining how the election could be derailed or even hijacked by mail-in ballot mischief.  We believe you’ll find the discussion, and the entire podcast for that matter, fascinating and entertaining.

In a time when our physical health is taking center stage, our own Dave Carter invited radio, television, and podcast personality Dave Sussman to talk about the impact of the Coronavirus to the nation’s economic health as well. Drawing from his own experience in the world of finance and business, Mr. Sussman offers a sober assessment of the road ahead.

Then, taking care to not allow the program to take a morbid turn, Dave checks in with Ricochet Contributor Susan Quinn to discuss her maiden excursion into the world of pizza delivery and the result is a pleasant conversation that is rich in laughs and memories. And as if things weren’t crazy enough, Dave makes a phone to his Cajun friend, Alphonse Fontenot, who has quarantined himself somewhere in the bayous of Louisiana. The results are, predictably, hilarious.

Buckle in for a cross-country tour of the conservative landscape as our own Dave Carter takes entrepreneur, writer, broadcaster and podcaster Dave Sussman on a wide-ranging tour of topics. The purveyor of Whiskey Politics talks at length about the ugly menace of rising anti-semitism from progressive precincts, why “God is dead in Europe,” 2020 Presidential election prognostications, and gets righteously throttled up about the throttling down of conservative voices across social media platforms and the generally poor quality of financial support for conservatives in the general media. Oh yes, then there’s the time when Dave Sussman saved a certain Ricochet member’s favorite car from the California wildfire. If you’re looking for passionate conversation, compelling topics, and a generous slice of rather unique humor, this episode of Radio Deplorable is the place to be.

Complaining that his computer took the better part of the afternoon to process and save the podcast, Dave speculated that, “Perhaps we overloaded the system since we had such a good time on this one.” In episode 30, Dave Sussman, David Deeble, and Dave Carter spend the morning steering clear of the political weeds and, instead, focus on simply enjoying each other’s company and making pleasant use of a rare opportunity to have a Sunday Morning chat. Topics include international travel, the life of a CPAC attendee, comedy in other countries, and Dave Carter’s strategic vision for the future of the Law Firm of Carter, Deeble, and Sussman (note: don’t try and drink anything when you hear this one).

What do you get when you put Dave Carter, Dave Sussman, and David Deeble on the same podcast (other than preliminary plans for world domination)? As Dave Carter described the conversation, “It was, in turn, nuts, hilarious, serious, and analytical. In other words, you could rope us off and charge admission to view.” After some initial difficulty figuring out how to do a three-way Skype call, the gentlemen nearly called this episode “Three Old Guys and Their Electronic Devices,” but elected instead to start their own law firm for reasons you’ll have to hear for yourself to understand.

In the latest installment of Radio Deplorable, Dave Carter invites Ricochet’s (and Whiskey Politics’) Dave Sussman onto the program to discuss his recent post (Blood on Their Hands), which generated a veritable avalanche of commentary.  As Dave Carter noted, “I thought it might prove interesting to give Dave Sussman a chance to expand, clarify, reiterate, etc. He did all of that and more, and it was an intriguing discussion to say the least.”  We think you’ll agree.