Lanhee is joined by Dana Perino, host of the FOX News anchor of The Daily Briefing and co-host of The Five. They talk about Dana’s time as White House Press Secretary, the state of the media, and the lessons that journalists and citizens should take from the 2016 and 2018 elections as we look ahead to 2020. Lanhee also gives us his thoughts about the Democrats’ “Green New Deal” and why the State of the Union was President Trump’s “opening salvo” in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Dana Perino, anchor of “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” and co-host of “The Five” on Fox News Channel talks about civility and our current political moment. Dana also has a weekly podcast, “I’ll Tell You What,” with Chris Stirewalt, and became the first Republican woman to be named as the White House Press Secretary. And did we mention her two books — And The Good News Is and Let Me Tell You About Jasper?

Then Stephen and Jon chat about the SCOTUS news and the press always making everything about themselves. The intro/outro music is “Kennedy” by The Wedding Present. Jon’s song of the week is “Stick” by Ovlov; Stephen’s song of the week is “It’s Not Just Me” by Let’s Eat Grandma. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians, subscribe to our Spotify playlist!

She’s back! If you missed Dana Perino’s last appearance on the show, you can still catch it. She talks about communication so it is still relevant today. This time, however, Dana took us behind the scenes at “The Five” – how it got started, what she does to prepare, how topics are chosen, how bumper music is selected — all that good stuff. She also talks about her career and, of course, we talk about her beloved dog, Jasper.

Dana Perino is a leading personality on Fox News. She is also a former White House press secretary (for George W. Bush). She is just out with a book, “Let Me Tell You about Jasper …: How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog.”

Jay talks with Ms. Perino in her home, along with Jasper himself. They talk about him, of course, and about dogs. But also about broader issues in life, which a discussion of dogs can prompt. As far as Jay is concerned, the new book is essentially about love. The author does not disagree.