Bill spoke with Conrad Black and Victor Davis Hanson about what we can expect from a Biden administration and the path forward for the Republican party.


Dr. Bennett and Conrad Black discussed getting America back to work as we move forward from Coronavirus.

So much writing on President Trump, and especially his business career, comes from journalists who aren’t businesspeople. What do they know about being hundreds of millions of dollars in debt? Conrad Black is a former press baron who sees Trump’s business life from a businessman’s (and a historian’s) perspective, and his new biography of the president puts Trump in a new light. How much hucksterism is good? Was there strategy behind Trump’s professional wrestling antics? And what about the president’s near-death experience with debt? Black talks about it all (and yes, he discusses the pardon).

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for June 5, 2018 (number 178!!!) it is the Reckless Stunt edition of the podcast with your hosts radio guy Todd Feinburg and nanophysicist and artificial bot Mike Stopa (the handsome one).

This week on the podcast we intended – in all complete sincerity – to talk about reckless stunts and battles of words – bad, bad words – between celebritious peoples. But! We had the fortune to have Lord Conrad Black on the program and when we were finished discussing his new book: Donald J. Trump, A President Like No Other, we felt as though it had all been said. What more could we add? The intelligence that flows from the HLC podcast was exhausted for the week.

Lord Conrad Black joins Ben Weingarten to discuss Lord Black’s essay in “Vox Populi: The Perils and Promises of Populism.” Lord Black and Weingarten discuss a series of topics including the history of American populism and President Donald Trump’s place in it, an assessment of Trump’s populist political agenda, the poisonous legacy of Watergate, The Resistance, the 2018 midterm elections and much more.

Learn more about ‘Vox Populi’:

Bill talks with RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn about the RNC’s record fundraising hauls. In the month of July alone, the RNC outraised the DNC by over $6 million! Then Bill talks with Laura Ingraham about her new show on Fox News and how Pres. Trump is doing so far. After that, Bill analyzes Pres. Trump’s big UN speech with Conrad Black. Finally, Bill tackles the issue of income inequality with Joel Farkas of the American Strategy Group.

Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast for November 1, 2016 it’s the Conrad Black’s Life Matters edition. Our special guest is Lord Conrad Black founder of The National Post, author of highly acclaimed biographies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, and Canadian TV personality. Lord Black is an outspoken Trump supporter who writes for the National Review. He will discuss with us, among other things, what makes America the greatest country on earth and how the “Bush-Clinton-Obama co-regency” threatens to derail that greatness. Further, as a personal acquaintance and longtime business associate of Donald Trump he attests to Trump’s solidity as a businessman and loyalty as a friend (to say nothing of his basic sanity).

Also, we’ll talk about FBI Director James Comey’s leap back into the middle of the 2016 election and the torpedo he launched at the HMS Hillary last Friday by reopening her email investigation. Does Hillary’s first instinct of demanding that Comey release everything immediately make sense? Is her second instinct – to assassinate the messenger by slamming Comey – work any better? Is the enthusiasm gap, where Trump now leads by seven points according to one poll, enough to tilt the election to Donald?

Most Chicago natives will know the name Conrad Black well, and those beyond Chicago will most certainly have heard the name. In addition to being a publisher of major newspapers, he’s also a fine journalist and historian. Among the many matters discussed on this recent program was his great historical entry, Flight of the Eagle.

Mark Steyn is no stranger to lovers of talk radio. As a regular substitute for Rush Limbaugh, he is a remarkable journalist. He has recently turned his attentions to ‘The Hockey Stick‘, and has just published an excoriating criticism of much of the faulty science perpetrated to support Global Warming/Climate Change entitled A Disgrace to the Profession.

conrad_blackAs Jay says in this “Q&A,” Conrad Black has lived a “big and tumultuous life.” He has been a newspaper publisher, a media magnate. He is a member of the British house of lords. He spent long, difficult years in the U.S. legal system, including three and a half years in prison. He is the author of many books, including biographies of FDR and Nixon. His latest book is a history of Canada (his native land).

Lord Black has a lot to talk about, and he and Jay talk about some of it in this hour.

Topics include Obama, the British elections, and Canada (in particular, American attitudes toward). Also, prison: Black did some teaching of his fellow inmates, and Jay considers them lucky to have had the lessons. Discussion then turns to newspapers: Is their passing something to mourn? Also, what does Conrad Black think of Rupert Murdoch?

We’re joined today by Lord Conrad Black, author of the new book Flight of the Eagle, a tour of American history from 1754-1992. Black identifies nine different phases that America has gone through, and how these phases have developed America into the great nation it is today.