On Twitter, Claire Berlinski bills herself as a “rootless cosmopolitan.” She has styled her new newsletter “The Cosmopolitan Globalist.” There is such a thing as “owning the insult.” In other words, if they’re going to call you those things anyway … Berlinski is a writer and scholar who specializes in international relations. She has lived in various places and is now in Paris. With Jay, she discusses France, anti-Semitism, the pandemic, free speech, and sundry other issues, most of them controversial. Candid and thoughtful, she is, as Jay says, a breath of fresh air. She is certainly herself, without apology. A very interesting listen. 

This week, the finer points of cast iron skillets, Yorkshire pudding, and oh, yes, the burgeoning French revolution, courtesy of Claire Berlinski in Paris, the state of Brexit with Toby Young in London, and the demise of the Weekly Standard in Washington D.C. with our hosts, who have been reading it from day one.

Music from this week’s podcast: Murder By Numbers by The Police

This week, Powerline’s (and Berkeley’s!) Steve Hayward sits in and we anoint Roy Moore as a loser, Al Franken as a memory, and discuss with Ricochet alumni Claire Berlinski her fantastic and now famous piece The Warlock Hunt. Also, what exactly is Mueller mulling? And our guys pick their favorite movies of 2017.

Music from this week’s episode: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by Amy Winehouse

Lots to talk about this week, and we have the guests who are more than up to the task (Troy Senik is sitting in for Peter): Michael Barone, the dean of American political journalism, joins to discuss the scandals, the state of immigration, Minnesota politics, and, yes, even 2016. Then, our pal Claire Berlinski (follow her on Twitter here) calls in from Istanbul to give us a boots-on-the-ground report on the trouble in Turkey and Syria. Last but certainly not least, James Lileks reviews Star Trek: Into Darkness. How many Quatloos does he give it? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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