Christine Rosen joined host Ben Domenech to analyze the reasons for recent protests and the chaotic aftermath, including defacing statues in an attempt to eliminate aspects of American history. Rosen is a senior writer at “Commentary Magazine.”

Rosen argued that public schools have failed to teach history to students but instead have given them a warped view of the American founding, the product of which manifested itself in the recent destruction of historical statues. Schools are to blame, she said, for how little context young people have in understanding historical events.

This week, the audacity of grope — can Uncle Joe survive the woke warriors? We (along with Bethany Mandel who sits in for Peter) ponder that question with our guest, Commentary’s Christine Rosen. Also, have the Democrats gotten too far out over their skis with the Mueller Report? Survey says…YES. And what the heck is going on across the pond with Brexit? We call on Quillette’s Toby Young to explain it all to us (and more important issues like Megan Markle’s lack of popularity). Finally, Bethany (home) schools us on her NYT piece on the politics of measles immunization. It’s a very…sharp conversation.