Ep. 257 – This week’s episode feature Dave’s interviews at The Real Side Radio; Movie Critic Christian Toto, purveyor at HollywoodInToto.com discusses the controversial Netflix film “Cuties”, Sam Elliott, Burt Reynolds, and the Oscars. At @22:43 Jon Gabriel, Editor in Chief at Ricochet.com discusses the “Harris-Biden Administration” and why Arizona may be big trouble for both President Trump and Senator Martha McSally. At @42:22 Billboard’s Top 40 pop recording artist Ricky Rebel discusses his viral video MAGA (YMCA parody played in full at the end of the interview), and his thoughts on the Lefts’ identity politics.

The King of Stuff welcomes Christian Toto, editor of the film and entertainment site, Hollywood in Toto. He belongs to the Critics’ Choice Association and the Denver Film Critics Society, is a Rotten Tomatoes certified reviewer, and an award-winning journalist, film critic, and podcaster. Jon and Christian discuss the dissolution of the media, the future of celebrity, and the passing of Ennio Morricone.

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Movie critic Christian Toto joins Teri with some great ideas on shows to watch to pass the time … and maybe a few to avoid. Also, what’s up with that stupid “Imagine” video? And will Hollywood ever recover from coronavirus?

Be sure to visit HollywoodinToto.com to get the latest from Christian.

Movie Critic Christian Toto joins Dave to discuss Star Wars Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker, Richard Jewell, the end of James Bond, and Dave’s 2019 hit and misses on this year-end episode of Whiskey Politics. Christian joins Dave @14:05 and can be found at http://HollywoodinToto.com & https://twitter.com/HollywoodInToto – #StarWarsTheRiseofSkywalker #OnceUponATimeinHollywood #FordvsFerrari #Joker #AvengersEndGame #DowntonAbbey #SpiderMan #TheIrishman #Rocketman #JamesBond #NoTimeToDie

The new super villain drama ‘Joker’ has shattered box office records and gained much controversial media attention along the way. Set to top $900 million worldwide, the dark film from director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix is already being heralded as the biggest R-rated movie ever. So why has ‘Joker’ been such a hit? Christian Toto, award-winning movie critic and editor at Hollywood in Toto, breaks it down, explaining how the film touches on themes like mental illness, morality and even empathy. After that, Myron Magnet, editor at large at City Journal, joins the show to talk about his newest book, “Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution,” which explores the life of Justice Thomas and how the Justice’s approach to the Constitution is changing the Supreme Court.

Will Marvel’s Avengers End Game and Star Wars Episode 9 cave to political correctness? Christian Toto, Editor of HollywoodInToto.com, is an award-winning movie critic and podcaster. Christian and Dave talk, politics ,entertainment, movies and MORE! Follow Christian at https://twitter.com/HollywoodInToto.

The Smart Girls welcome newest sponsor Stamps.com to the show! This week we talk with film critic and podcaster Christian Toto about the Oscar line-up, predictions and surprises. Also, this week’s Smart Girl Salute goes out to an actress-turned-activist who embodies the courage and feistiness of all Smart Girls everywhere.

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A Best/Worst list and Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn’t even come out yet? Yep. Movie reviewer Christian Toto fills us in on the movies that worth seeing this year and those that weren’t worth the money.

Stories for you today: Net neutrality supporters have taken to issuing death threats; Nikki Haley tells to China to cut off oil to North Korea … or else; and, yes, your Amazon Echos and Google Homes are watching you. Plus, Christian Toto stops by to preview movies coming out in December. (Yes, there are movies other than Star Wars!) Question of the Day: Why are you a conservative?

Stories for you today: Some Democrat Attorneys General have it out for the Little Sisters of the Poor; the Girl Scouts say you shouldn’t force your kids to hug their relatives on Thanksgiving; and a look at what was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving. Christian Toto of HollywoodinToto.com stops by with movie recommendations for the Thanksgiving weekend. Question/Challenge of the Day: Ruin Thanksgiving with four words.

Stories for you today: Hillary Clinton will guest edit the December edition of the always-odious Teen Vogue; the story of fired Dallas D.A. Jody Warner proves women are abusers, too; and the Museum of the Bible opens today in Washington, DC. Also, conservative movie critic Christian Toto of HollywoodInToto drops by to talk about new movies Justice League and The Star. Question of the Day: Marvel vs. DC — which universe do you prefer?

On this special episode of the Smart Girl Politics podcast, conservative movie critic Christian Toto (HollywoodinToto.com) joins Teri to discuss the Harvey Weinstein debacle, the hypocrisy of actresses like Meryl Streep, and the lasting impacts the scandal might have on Tinseltown.

Host Teri Christoph talks about the CPAC/Milo Yiannopoulos controversy (resisting the urge to call this episode “When they go low, we go Milo”) and how Milo might be the key to a conservative resurgence. Film critic Christian Toto of HollywoodinToto.com stops by in the second half of the show to give a preview of the Oscars.

If you plan to watch some movies over Christmas and New Year’s, this is the podcast for you! Host Teri Christoph is joined by conservative film reviewer Christian Toto, of the website HollywoodinToto.com, to discuss the best and worst films of the year. And Christian answers the age-old question: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

This week, The Conservatarians welcome movie reviewer Christian Toto to pick the best and worst films of 2016. Christian is an award-winning journalist, member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and founder of the website Hollywood In Toto and the HiT Podcast.

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christian-toto-son-This week, The Conservatarians, aka Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel and Heatstreet contributor Stephen Miller — welcome movie critic Christian Toto to talk about the best films of the summer and the movie industry in general. Jon and Stephen also chat about John Oliver’s dishonesty on charter schools, and the latest developments in the election.

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