Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is, in many ways, a more polished version of Donald Trump. Blunt and outspoken, he has never been shy about engaging in political pugilistics. In this interview he takes on Trump’s post-election behavior, the Biden Administration and his own future and how that intertwines with that of his party and his country.

This interview took place on September 23, 2021 as part of the Texas Tribune Festival and we thank them for allowing us to present it here as part of this series.


On a website devoted to debate (civil, mind you), we can all agree that politics is not the arena for shrinking violets. Who better to remind us of this fact than the former governor of the Garden State, Chris Christie? He gives us the lowdown on his successes in a Blue State and his thoughts on how Republicans need to keep their eye on the prize. Even with the mention of “Christie Porn,” we promise listeners a PG-rated podcast.

Also, the regular gang go from the economic blockage to “Let’s Go Brandon,” from intellectuals talking about third parties to Captain Kirk back in space. (Well, kinda-space if you wanna get technical.)