Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for February 21, 2017, it’s the Trump Chaos and Media Hysteria edition of the show with our special guest Byron York.

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Light news week, not much to talk about. Let’s see, we’ve got Troy Senik sitting in for Rob Long. We’ve got The Washington Examiner’s Byron York guiding guys through the confirmation hearings, Trump’s battles with the media. We’ve got some marriage advice for Ricochet member @Josh. And we’ve got Lileks on sentient machines and Apple’s descent into irrelevancy. Ho hum.

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This week, we get wonky, wistful, and weepy (but not because Ricochet Editor In Chief Jon Gabriel is sitting in for Peter Robinson). We get our wonk on with Washington Free Beacon Editor In Chief Matt Continetti, who gives us the elite media POV on the race, as well as a sobering look (here’s the weepy part, at least for @jameslileks) at Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Spoiler alert: don’t ever meet your heroes, folks.  Later, we’re joined by the great Byron York, who details what it’s like covering a candidate whose primary method of communication is late night Tweeting. Case in point:

This week, a debate about guns, some inside dope about Trump, courtesy of the great Byron York, one final conversation about Brexit compliments of the ever brash James Delingpole, and the complexities of giving up the thing you know.

Music from this week’s episode: