#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Thor on #Trump, #Russia and #Hollywood and his latest book Near Dark (plus an exciting announcement!), followed @51:20 by Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak on his new book Red November, Twitter’s ‘hierarchy’, Teachers Unions and why Trump is ‘Matrix Reloaded’. Find Brad at http://BradThor.com and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bradthor. Joel at https://www.centerstreet.com/ and Twitter at http://twitter.com/joelpollak.

Brad Thor is a New York Times Bestselling Author with more than 15 million books in print. His new political thriller, Backlash, is out and he talks about the process of writing novels, what it means to write “faction” instead of fiction and shares lots of advice for writers, creatives and entrepreneurs. He talks (as much as he can) about the secret government Red Cell program he has been a part of as well. As a major GOP supporter in the past, he talks about his political shift and why last year he announced—and retracted—a 2020 Presidential run.

You can follow Brad on Twitter at @BradThor online at BradThor.com. Backlash (and Brad’s other books) are available through Amazon.com and wherever fine books are sold.