Dave pulls out all the stops on this Christmas edition, which includes a remarkable interview with Peter Robinson wherein he discusses everything from how he met William F. Buckley Jr. and came to work as a Special Assistant to President Reagan, to what Christmas is like in the Robinson household (spoiler alert — it includes Peter singing tenor).  Rob Long called in with a very poignant Christmas greeting, followed by Dave settling in for a memorable conversation with a fellow retired military veteran and dear friend, Bob Lee, whom Dave has known for some 32 years now. Oh yes, and Alphonse Fontenot makes an appearance to tell The Cajun Night Before Christmas. You may be laughing one moment and getting a lump in your throat the next, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy every single minute of this show.

Last week, Dave and his friend Bob Lee were in the middle of a very interesting discussion on the trajectory of the country when the Skype connection went “kerplunk,” to use Dave’s word.  So this week they resume their discussion, along with a merry bit of madness and humor as they reminisce about zany episodes in the military and other humorous stories. Oh yes, and Dave lets us in on a suggested opening for Ricochet’s flagship podcast (believe us when we say that he didn’t clear this with us).  So grab a suitable beverage and enjoy the show!

There’s a new wrinkle at Radio Deplorable — and we’re not talking about Father Time taking a tire iron to the host either. As Dave writes, “With the extra time I now have on my hands thanks to taking on a new line of work, I can be more productive both with podcasts and with my writing and still have time left over to get in trouble. Whether this episode constitutes quality podcasting or simply getting into trouble is as yet unclear.”  Either way, we think you’ll enjoy this one as Dave sits down with fellow veteran Bob Lee, and Alphonse Fontenot, and lets the good times roll.