In these post-election days, Jay wanted to talk to his old friend and colleague Robert Costa: national political reporter of the Washington Post; analyst for NBC News and MSNBC; host of PBS’s “Washington Week.” They do indeed talk it over: R’s, D’s, media, inaugurations, and more. Costa is a man who knows – because he finds out.

As regular listeners know, Robert Costa is one of Jay’s favorite journalists and people. Costa is a national political reporter at the Washington Post. He is the moderator of “Washington Week” on PBS. And he is a political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. With Jay, he walks about reporting in a time of pandemic. The White House press operation. The nature of Donald Trump. The weirdness of the upcoming campaign. Vice-presidential picks, on either side. The candidacy of Justin Amash. Lockdown politics. And more. A refreshing, informed conversation with a real pro.

That was the title of a column long ago, and for many years – first written by Drew Pearson, then by Jack Anderson: “The Washington Merry-Go-Round.” Robert Costa is a national political reporter for the Washington Post. He is also the moderator of “Washington Week,” a political analyst for NBC News, etc. He and Jay worked together at National Review. Jay asks him what it’s like to have a front-row reporting seat in these exciting political times (exciting for better or worse). They talk about Tuesday night’s elections; President Trump’s relations with the press; the canniness of Mitch McConnell; the canniness of Nancy Pelosi; the flexible nature of Lindsey Graham; the trajectory of Rudy Giuliani; the consistency of John Bolton; the return of Jeff Sessions; the 2020 Democratic presidential field; and more. Jay enjoyed this discussion with a real reportorial pro, and so will you. 

Due to some scheduling issues, we’re a couple of days early this week but that doesn’t mean we’re scrimping on the content. James is taking this week off, so Rob and Peter drive the bus themselves (as Peter mentions in the show, do check out James’ Twitter feed). We’re not scrimping on the guests either: we’ve got Washington Post chief political correspondent (and former Ricochet podcaster) Bob Costa on The Squad, Nancy, Bernie, 2020, and more. Then, Law Talk co-host John Yoo stops by to discuss the passing of Justice John Paul Stevens, some of the recent SCOTUS rulings, and to call out Rob Long for his many imperfections. Finally, Rob and Peter give some binge TV tips. What are you watching? Tell us in the comments.

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We’ve reached peak news cycle. So much going on. And when that happens, we reach out to people who make it their business to cover the news: that’s the WSJ’s Bill McGurn and the Washington Post’s Bob Costa. They help us sort through the Kavanaugh controversy, the scandals in the Catholic Church, trade wars with China, and some predictions about the upcoming mid-terms. Also, Rob Long deconstructs the old show biz adage that “nobody knows anything.” Listen!

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This week, we are very media centric: first, a few thoughts about the Ingraham-Hogg contretemps, then a deep dive into the Rosesanne phenomenon with noted TV expert Rob Long. After that, it’s out good pal Robert Costa, national political correspondent for The Washington Post and inexplicably a Phish fan (but we still love him). Finally, Niall Ferguson, the Hoover Senior Fellow and the author of The Square and the Tower: Networks, Hierarchies and the Struggle for Global Power stops by for a detailed conversation about Facebook — what they did, whether they’ll stop, and can they survive. By the way: Ricochet never has and never will sell your personal info. And we close with some thoughts on Easter. But no chocolate bunnies. Sorry about that.

As more (Moore?) sexual harassment revelations (the Al Franken story was breaking as we were recording this show) appear, we thought it might be good to take a breather and visit (by phone) our old friend and ardent Ricochet fan, Purdue University President Mitch Daniels. We talk about the state of higher education, what he’s doing at Purdue to combat student debt, and the place of academic institutions in society as a whole. But it’s not all academic, as we’re then joined by Washington Post political correspondent and host of PBS’s Washington Week In Review‘s Bob Costa. he gives us the skinny on everything happening in Alabama and DC.

As Jay says, Robert Costa is one of the leading political reporters and analysts in the country. He works for the Washington Post and appears on NBC and MSNBC. He is also host of “Washington Week,” the venerable public-affairs program on PBS.

Jay asks him about the Trump White House: Is it still fun to cover? Still juicy, even with the arrival of the disciplined General Kelly? What about McMaster? What about (the departed) Bannon? What about Sarah Sanders?

The President is on the record, the WSJ’s Bill McGurn talks about Charlie Gard, The Washington Post’s Bob Costa on the mood in DC, @Lileks ponders Russian history, Long wonders who’s going to get fired, and Robinson has one last question. Or three.

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It’s never a dull moment with the Trump administration and to parse everything that happened this week, we call on our good friend, former podcaster, and the newly minted host of Washington Week In Review Bob Costa. After that, we take a look back at the 2016 race with Jonathan Allen, co-author of Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed CampaignAlso, taping, vaping, and narrative shaping. Yeah, we went there.

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The Washington Post’s Robert Costa has been on the front lines of the campaign since day one. His coverage of the Donald Trump has been a must read since he entered the race. Bob chatted with Rob Long earlier today about how the campaign will handle the last three weeks of the campaign.

That was the title of Timothy Crouse’s famed book of 1973: “The Boys on the Bus.” It was about reporters covering the 1972 presidential campaign.

This year, Robert Costa, of the Washington Post, is covering the presidential campaign. He is an old friend and colleague of Jay’s, and they discuss the reporting life: What’s it like to cover Hillary, Bernie, the Donald, and them?

We talk Trump campaign shake up 3.0, Hillary’s cash ‘n’ carry crown Prince and an interview with Washington Post Trumplinologist Robert Costa.

Life imitates art, or at least podcasts. Just hours after we predicted Trump would make a big move, Paul Manafort is given his walking papers and shipped out of town. Trump is sorry.

The moment we’ve been preparing for all year finally arrived this week: Donald J. Trump is the Republican Party’s nominee for President of The United States. With the help of the Washington Post’s ace political reporter Bob Costa, we break down the whole week, from the family member speeches, Ted Cruz’s speech, Trump’s own speech (and Peter Robinson’s brush with the Trump campaign), as well as some thoughts on the changes going on this week at Fox News. We are your voice.

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Another momentous week calls for a momentous podcast with Ricochet Editor-In-Chief Jon Gabriel sitting in for Rob Long. We’ve got Washington Post political correspondent Bob Costa on Trump and Bezos, and almost independent Presidential candidate David French, who clues us in on what might have been. Finally, some thoughts about The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. RIP.

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