Do you follow the science? Do you have an aversion to the scolds who routinely declare code reds for humanity? Perhaps you’re being driven to despair. But we at Ricochet hope to see you flourish, we want to see you b(j)orn again! Our guest this week is the absorbingly optimistic Bjørn Lomborg, exactly the man to set us straight on the U.N. climate report and the cataclysmic media circus that’s followed. The fellas also get into infrastructure – whatever that means – and the attendant endemic of thoughtless dishonesty. Also, Rob got a smidgeon of hope from some youngsters recently and Peter needs some recommendations for a good binge-worthy TV series: help him out in the comments!

Music from this week’s show: O-o-h Child by The Five Stairsteps

Back this week with the full cast and another full show. We start with a  deep dive on the Bari Weiss resignation and free speech in general. Then our favorite Denmark dude, Bjørn Lomborg joins to discuss his new book, How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet. and we give him a chance to rebut a very snarky New York Times review of said book. Happy to help, Bjorn. Then, our favorite health care wonk, Avik Roy (listen to his 2x a week Covid in 19 podcast — co-hosted by some guy we’ve ever heard of– for all the latest COVID news and analysis) drops by to school us why schools should stay open. Finally, yep it’s another Lileks Post of The Week, this time by Ricochet member Tocqueville, who has compiled a very good list of Bullsh*t words/expressions that have got to go! 2020 Edition. The guys add a few of their own, so please feel free to give us yours in the comments below. In the meantime, stay safe and mask it.

Music from this week’s show: Times Like These by Glen Campbell

Some weeks, we have to hunt hard for topics. Other weeks, well, they rain down like a monsoon. The latter describes this week and to provide an umbrella we’ve got the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s White House correspondent Debra J. Saunders on the political topics (and a bit on San Francisco) and The Skeptical Environmentalist himself, Bjørn Lomborg, who at this moment, is the world’s second most famous Scandinavian authority in climate. Also, a new poll question (answer it!) and Lileks make a cameo appearance to award Ricochet member Kevin Creighton the highly coveted Lileks Post of The Week.

Music from this week’s show: How Soon Is Now by The Smiths

This week on the world famous Ricochet Podcast, our own Bethany Mandel sits in for Peter Robinson as we parse Amazon’s departure from NYC, discuss the climate with noted expert Bjorn Lomborg, and talk politics with the WSJ (and Manhattan Institute’s) Jason Riley. Also, is CPAC now just a grifter’s convention? We discuss, you opine.

Music from this week’s show: Heatwave by Ella Fitzgerald