Dave and Bill discuss how Hollywood has rewritten crucial scenes in Star Wars to accommodate a new leftist view of heroes, and how it enrages a large swath of millennials. With the left now vulnerable, Bill explains how we can successfully revolt and win the culture war.

Connect with Bill at http://billwhittle.com and on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/BillWhittleChannel.


Bill Whittle returns to Whiskey Politics and discusses today’s news, illegal immigration, what happened to conservatives economic principles, how California is quickly becoming a third-world nation and why the political class making decisions don’t care. Democrats only get upset when we talk about these issues and use words so Conservatives will just “shut-up.” Is this now changing under President Trump? The FBI slow motion coupe, and is Trump meeting with Mueller a “perjury-trap”? And just how damaging is the peer-pressure caused elitist political class “push-back” from not just liberals but also GOPe Conservatives? (Yeah, we mention names.)

Bill Whittle is an American conservative blogger and is one of the leading voices on the right and can be found at BillWhittle.com and follow Right Angles on YouTube. Bill Whittle will be speaking at “SAVING CALIFORNIA”, on March 17th at the Burbank Marriott along with many other political luminaries. Get your early-bird tickets here.


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