To kick off a great Fourth of July Weekend we’ll need firecrackers, but, of course, only with adult supervision. For the former, we’ve got John Yoo filling in for Rob and Charles C.W. Cooke as our first guest – for the latter, Mr. Bill McGurn.

To start, Peter and James get to pick Yoo’s brain on a few of the recent Supreme Court decisions along with Bill Cosby’s release. Then Charlie gives an ode to the only country on Earth that lets you move here and consider yourself a full member. Lastly, Bill fills us in on his saintly godson, Jimmy Lai, and his concerns for the future of Hong Kong. A podcast for all lovers of freedom and justice!

This week on The Big Show, we inch our way back to normal with our first show in weeks without a COVID-19 specific guest. That’s not to say we don’t talk about it — we do, and then some. But the new cycle means that we have to address those icky charges against Joe Biden and to do that we call on the Ricochet Podcast’s Senior Sex and Gender Correspondent, the great Mollie Hemingway (yes, she’s also a Fox News contributor and a Senior Editor at The Federalist, but we had her first). We go deep on Tara Reade’s accusations, and how the media is (or isn’t) covering this story. Then, our old friend (and WSJ columnist) Bill McGurn stops by to discuss his recent column Communists in Brooks Brothers, in which he describes the struggles of Martin Lee. Also, some news on other dissidents in Hong Kong, and a bit of politics. We’ve got a Lileks Post of The Week about ratting on your neighbors and some closing thoughts on what the heck may be going on in The Hermit Kingdom. 

Music from this week’s show: Me and Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofferson

Hey, don’t laugh — we could do it (and another President reportedly thought about it too). So yes, we discuss that, a troubled Congressional trip to the Holy Land, the great Kevin Williamson on his new book The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in an Age of Mob Politics, and the WSJ’s Bill McGurn on the turmoil in Hong Kong (he knows the city well — he lived for ten years. Also, how did the name Ricochet come to land upon this blessed website? You’ll have to tune in for the answer to that one.

Music from this week’s show: Fight the Power by Public Enemy

We’ve reached peak news cycle. So much going on. And when that happens, we reach out to people who make it their business to cover the news: that’s the WSJ’s Bill McGurn and the Washington Post’s Bob Costa. They help us sort through the Kavanaugh controversy, the scandals in the Catholic Church, trade wars with China, and some predictions about the upcoming mid-terms. Also, Rob Long deconstructs the old show biz adage that “nobody knows anything.” Listen!

Music front his week’s podcastAin’t Nobody’s Business If I Do by Billie Holliday

This week, a run through Jerusalem with the Washington Free Beacon’s Matt Continetti and then back home to Alabama guided by the Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn. Also, Lileks on Franken and what’s next for Minnesota, Peter Robinson goes for a ride on the Orient Express, and what do they call a Quarter Pounder on Vulcan? Tune in to find out.

Music from this week’s episode: One Never Knows, Does One by Billie Holiday

The President is on the record, the WSJ’s Bill McGurn talks about Charlie Gard, The Washington Post’s Bob Costa on the mood in DC, @Lileks ponders Russian history, Long wonders who’s going to get fired, and Robinson has one last question. Or three.

Music from this week’s podcast: Charlie Don’t Surf by The Clash

This week, another fair and balanced podcast we bring you quixotic Presidential candidate Evan McMullin. His campaign is a long shot, but his qualifications and demeanor are beyond reproach. Later, the WSJ’s Bill McGurn joins the show. Among the members of the WSJ Opinion Page, Bill is the only pro-Trump columnist and he makes the case for his candidate in his typical straight down the middle of road style. Also, Ann Coulter finds herself in a tough spot, the University of Chicago mans up, and a Ricochet member contributes the new member pitch. We podcast, you decide.

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