You saw the pictures! The walls are finally closing in; or maybe it’s the floor that’ll finally move in on Trump! Or maybe everyone should cool their jets, as our guest Bill Barr might recommend. The former Attorney General joins us again to discuss what we know (and don’t know) about the latest legal troubles for the former president. Without getting ahead of the facts, Barr thinks through the search itself; partisanship in the Justice Department; and the kind of fighters the Republican Party needs.

And John O’Sullivan joins the gang at the top to remember his and Peter’s old foe, Mikhail Gorbachev. They dispel the lefty fantasy that Gorby was the real hero of the Cold War, but also give credit where it’s due. Plus, Peter recounts the time he got the man to scribble on a baseball.

Even if it doesn’t normally win popularity contests, we like to keep things candid (but fun!) on the Ricochet podcast. And even if it cost US attorney general Bill Barr some popularity points, we still want to hang out with him! He’s just published his memoir One Damn Thing After Anotherand the gang do what they can to get at all the damn things. Barr proves still-adept at handling himself when things are coming in from all directions.

Rob also talks Ukraine and reassess the way history repeats itself; Peter applauds Elon Musk’s latest undertaking; and James wonders about the “groomer” conversation. Plus, shoutouts to Saint Augustine and Jenna Stocker–just cuz they’re awesome Ricochet members!