Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany Mandel talk about this rare Hanukkah offering in the Hallmark oeuvre, Bethany’s very deep and real feelings for Ben Savage, how to get engaged in eight days or less and why that’s an awesome idea, and whether Bethany deserves a screenwriting credit.

On this episode of COVID and the Classroom Mary Clare sits down with two incredible moms, Bethany Mandel and Jenny Clark. Bethany is a homeschool mom and Jenny’s children are doing pod learning at home and enrolled in Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship program. We tackle some homeschooling stereotypes. Are homeschooled kids, as they are referred to in the movie Mean Girls, homeschooled jungle freaks? Bethany and Jenny also offer advice for parents looking into homeschooling for the first time due to the pandemic.

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We know, we know — we’re 6 or 7 hours late with this. We had some technical difficulties during the recording of this show (we broke with tradition and training and left a bit of it in) which forced us to record this show in two sessions today, apologies for that. But that does not mean you, our faithful listeners are getting shortchanged. Far from it — this is one of the longest shows we’ve ever done — over 90 minutes of clever and civil conversation, featuring our guests, Andrew McCarthy, the WSJ’s Kim Strassel, and Ricochet’s own editor and senior citizen killer, Bethany Mandel, who joins to discuss her latest adventures on Twitter, which resulted in all of the right people getting mad at her.

We even crammed in a Lileks Post of The Week, and plenty of the banter that America’s Most Beloved Podcast has become so famous for. So strap yourself in or take a long, long (as in Rob) walk with the dog, cut a large lawn, do a lot of dishes, or whatever your podcast listening activity of choice is and consume this one from start to finish.

It’s our last show for 2018, sadly there’s just not that much to talk about. Darn. Nothing going on, no controversy, no conflict. Just some old friends (and Ricochet editors Jon Gabriel and Bethany Mandel) shooting the breeze for 70 odd minutes. Enjoy and we’ll see you next year.

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Sometimes, people ask why we wait until Friday afternoons to publish the podcast. The last couple of weeks should answer that question for at least a while. We’re lucky to have a full contingent of quality guests this week to help us sort through all the outrage, er, news that has accumulated since last week’s show. First up, Ricochet’s own Bethany Mandel who has a few opinions on the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Then, one of our favs: the great Andy Ferguson, who’s been doing some reading and some thinking about all things Trump. Also, courtesy of Rob Long, an insiders view of the Yale grapevine. Suffice to say, Buffy and Biff are upset.

(H/t to Seth Mandel for the title of this week’s episode).

This week, we do a Rico-Centric show with our regular crew and our two trusty editors: Jon Gabriel (Ricochet’s beloved EIC) and Bethany Mandel, the Madonna of The Main Feed. We talk about flagpoles, conservatives on social media, an insider’s view of Arizona, why Instagram is the best social media platform (after this one, natch) and of course, Lileks gives the lowdown on the Minnesota State Fair.

Music from this week’s episode: State Fair (opening title) by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II